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KZ Ling Long

1 DD Open-back HiFi In-Ear Earphones

  • Small size hides incredible energy
  • Delicate and compact industrial style
  • Professional open-back cavity acoustic design for wider sound field
  • OFC silver-plated cable
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    Small size hides incredible energy 

    Equipped with XUN-6 external magnetic dynamic unit which bring crisp and dynamic sound qualityCompared with the conventional-size dynamic unit, the micro-dynamic unit has an inherent structural advantage in high-frequency performance. It is easier for the micro-dynamic unit to show the UHF details vividly.

    Delicate and compact industrial style

    Like its name, KZ Ling Long adopts a minimalist aesthetic design, and the earphone chamber is made of pure aluminum alloy. Its net weight is only 18g, and it can be worn in various ways. The small and light shape also effectively reduces the pain of wearing in-ear earphones, and smaller sizes can be more deeply inserted into the ear canal. The high-frequency attenuation is negligible when the nozzle is closer to the eardrum.

    Professional open-back cavity acoustic design for wider sound field

    The precise cavity structure can control the airflow to enhance the dynamic performance of low frequency. At the same time, it can also make the voice sweet and warm, retain more details of the instrument, and form a clean and balanced sound.
    The traditional structure:
    The traditional pressure relief structure adjusts the chamber's internal pressure through the pressure relief hole to avoid damaging the diaphragm when the chamber's internal pressure is too high, and it helps weaken some low-frequency output. Still, this practice will distort the overall sound quality.
    Open-back design:
    On KZ Ling Long, we optimized the new magnetic circuit structure on the XUN-6 unit. Also, we adopted an open-back chamber design, which significantly increased the air flux and flow rate, making the hearing more transparent and natural. 

    OFC silver-plated cable

    KZ Ling Long is equipped with high-purity oxygen-free copper flat cable, which has high signal transmission efficiency to ensure good sound quality.

    Inside the Box

    • 1 x KZ Ling Long
    • User Manual

    1 Year Warranty

    The KZ Ling Long Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

    Technical Details

    Product Name
    KZ Ling Long In-Ear Earphone
    Earphone Sensitivity
    Frequency Range
    Connector Type
    0.75mm 2Pin
    Plug Type
    3.5mm Straight Plug
    0.75mm 2pin
    Whether with mic
    OFC Oxygen-free copper cable

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Emil Keberlein
    Not working After 2 month

    The kz Ling Long are already Not working. There is on Sound more on the kz Ling long but there Not Bad Thea have good Sound.

    Hi there,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Regarding the issue with the malfunction of KZ Ling Long, we have sent you an email to gather more details.

    In the future, if you encounter any issues, we strongly recommend contacting us through our email at support@linsoul.com. This will help us to address and resolve your concerns more quickly and comprehensively.

    Excellent tuning

    Cheap and fairly good earphones. The tuning of these is successful, the bass is just right, the midrange is sufficient and the treble level is suitable. The resolution, imaging and soundstage are average or below. They have a metal construction and are small and light. The cable is typical KZ/CCA cable and fixed. Overall good for the price, unless you want better resolution or soundstage.

    Lachlan Labere
    Great bang for the buck

    Love these. Using foam tips, it’s a very fun set.

    Jason Robinson
    Great little IEM

    For its size it is pretty detailed and has some good bass with clear mids/highs. While it’s not a drastic departure, it is a different tuning than your typical KZ sound.

    KZ Bringing It Again...

    For $15 you are getting a good sounding bullet style iem. Case is provided which is unusual at this price. Definitely worth a listen 👍...

    Alex S.
    $15 gems

    For the price, sound quality is quite good. Many inexpensive earphones have cloudy lows, plasticky mids and dull or metallic highs. Not the Ling Long. It delivers a pleasant, cohesive, musical experience.

    With more of a warm and natural tonality than bright and airy, it's not going to produce the most detailed, resolved playback. But for relaxed listening, it's forgiving and enjoyable with a wide range of music and production styles.

    Small build quality issue: When inserting the earphones, There is an occasional popping/crackling noise that might be the driver flexing due to suction. Besides that, build quality is decent, with a minimalist aesthetic to the solid feeling metal bullet shell. The IEM is easy to insert deeply into the ear canal, produces a good seal and engagement with the music.

    Broken on arrival, bad customer support

    I received a broken pair, customer support wanted evidence and that I pay the delivery fee, even though it’d been more expensive to just buy a new pair. Could have been bad luck I guess but still had to buy a new pair.

    Hello there,

    We are sorry that the product you received may be defective, and we are working hard to resolve it for you.

    The reason why we want you to provide a video that can explain the product problem is that the manufacturer needs to initially judge the problem of the product based on the video you provide, which can greatly save your warranty process time.

    Since you can't provide the video, we have to ask you to send the product back for testing. Since you informed us that there may be problems with the product within 7 days, we will compensate you for the return shipping fee if there is indeed a problem with the product after testing.

    But in the end we're happy to hear from you that you've got the product fixed.

    We are very sorry for your bad shopping experience, and we will also feedback to the manufacturer to strictly control the quality of the product in the future.

    Hope you have a great day!

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