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2nd Generation 13.2mm Planar Magnetic In-Ear Earphones

    Upgrade From KZ PR1
    Nanoscale Silver-Plated Circuit Diaphragm
    14 N52H Magnets Array
    0.75mm 2pin Connector + 8-strand braided silver-plated cable
    Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design
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Accessible True HiFi Headphone

The KZ-PR1 Pro is the upgraded version of the already outstanding KZ-PR1. The pro version is developed after thousands of trials and experiences, low in distortion, rich in detail, and high in sensitivity. We are proud that our headphones will allow everyone to enjoy true HiFi at affordable prices, with professional tuning that produces impressive sound.

Nanoscale Silver-Plated Circuit Diaphragm

Our own innovative design of the 13.2mm planar unit outperformed the previous model by 50%, a true upgrade from the already outstanding KZ-PR1. The 2nd generation 13.2mm planar unit contributes to better acoustic quality with the 2-to-8-micron thick diaphragm with the silver-plated circuit. While the 14 N52H magnets array enhances the audio quality with a greater audio field, less distortion and excellent treble.

Professional HiFi Headphone in Exquisite Case

KZ-PR1 Pro continue to use the exquisitely designed hollowed-out aluminium alloy face overs as the KZ-PR1, with a transparent resin cavity and electroplated bottom shell. The quality materials used maintained the impressive metallic look but kept it lightweight. Not just for looks, the quality cases protect the planar unit and magnets array inside to maximize your listening experience.

0.75mm 2pin Connector + 8-strand braided silver-plated cable

The headphone is equipped with 0.75mm gold-plated plugs and 8-strand braided silver-plated cable with a standard 3.5mm plug and aluminium alloy splitter. The 2-pin plug-in design prolongs the life span of this headphone and increases its compatibility for various scenarios. The 8-strand braided silver-plated cable is quicker in data transfer than traditional ones and heightened the sensitivity of the headphone’s audio performance.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design

The headphone has built-in voice control that is convenient to use and contributes to the whole professional image that KZ-PR1 Pro gives. The ergonomic case suits most people’s ear canals while the round-the-ear design makes it stay firmer and reduces discomfort from prolonged usage. Together with the noise-blocking and memory-foam-made tips, the KZ-PR1 PRO will not be shaken off easily for listening in all scenarios.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ PR1 PRO
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ PR1 PRO Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
tommy cheatham

I have really enjoyed PR1. I notice more detail on Steely Dan Aja and made going back and re-listening to albums very enjoyable sounds very articulate and open.

Planar IEM at a budget

I did not expect too much at the price point and was pleasantly surprised. Gave them a week to settle and too a new look at it. With small EQ adjustments they do perform superbly for the asking price. Worked wonderful with Miltra OTL headphone amp as well as iFi Gryphon. Recommended !

Very Crisp!

These are some of the best sounding iem's I have ever heard. Highs can be hursh for some. But the sheer crispy sound you get out of planar's makes them very worth it!

André Reichert-Creutz
Extrem guter Raumklang

Die Inears haben eine extrem gute räumliche Auflösung. Es sind aber keine Basswunder. Für Klassik, Akustik, Jazz, bis hin zu Pop und Rock ist das Klangerlebnis sehr natürlich und präzise. Dagegen schwächeln sie im Sub-Bereich (Elektro, Base, Boom usw)

Sahil Barman


Jürg Kaufmann
KZ is making a comeback!

CHI-FI fans are aware that KZ has created some negative waves in recent times, but it seems that they have learned from their past mistakes and are now committed in improving their new line of products.

I must say that I am delighted with the balanced sound profile of the KZ PR1 PRO. The bass is tight and fast, but far from overbearing and does not bleed into the mids. The highs have also been adjusted and now are far from being sibilant. I have the impression that KZ have created a winner with this product.

It's my first experience with planar drivers and the resolution (capacity to pick up micro details) is astonishing. If you want to experience planar technology without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this model from KZ.

Valentin MATHIEU
Good sound but very bad cable.

I ordered this product 2 month ago. The packaging is cheap, but it's enough. The main issue is the cable with microphone. The sound is crackling sometimes and pretty bad. I contact Linsoul but they don't care. I order a case and another cable from Linsoul again, the package was lost ... And Linsoul don't care again !!!
So I ordered a new time a new cable but from AliExpress and this one arrived ! Now the sound is perfect.

It will be my last order on Linsoul.

Hello there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are sorry that there is a problem with the product you purchased, and we will do our best to resolve the matter for you.

We have been waiting for your reply with a video to show the problem about the product, and we also contacted you again by email yesterday.

The reason why is that manufacturer needs to check the video to confirm the problem of the product so that it can better solve it for you.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hope you have a great day!

Second generation of KZ planar type that improves on the lack of transparency of the previous genera

The KZ PR1 Pro is an attractive IEMs with good range and original sound fidelity and accurate texture representation. As with the planar driver, the damping characteristics are excellent, and the transparency problem that was an issue with the previous generation has been resolved to a large extent.


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