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10mm Dual Cavity Super Linear Dynamic Driver Earphones

    High Performance Dynamic Unit
    4.8 Microns Diaphragm
    Ergonomic Design
    Four Layers Of The Voice Coil
    Incredible Appearance Design
    High-Purity OFC Cable With Widely Compatible 2-Pin Interfaces
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High Performance Dynamic Unit

KZ ZVX is equipped with a 10mm dual cavity super linear dynamic unit. Unlike the same type of unit used in those expensive earphones, we have made various innovations based on this dynamic unit. We use a diaphragm about 4.8 microns thick on KZ ZVX. Compared with the traditional diaphragm, the mass is significantly reduced to improve the overall vibration sensitivity and make the sound without losing any fine details.

Four Layers Of The Voice Coil

The traditional dynamic unit mainly equipped a double-layer voice coil. The primary consideration is reserving ample space between the T-iron and the magnet. Avoid NG caused by dimensional tolerance caused by the assembly process. This time, we used a four layers voice coil design on the KZ ZVX and reduced the magnetic gap from about 0.3mm to about 0.15mm. The low-frequency performance is more powerful than the traditional dynamic unit with a double-layer voice coil.

Incredible Appearance Design

KZ ZVX adopts a full-metal shell, completely following the process of luxury accessories. Each step is strictly controlled from die casting, CNC, grinding, polishing, electroplating, and laser to ensure a perfect overall appearance. The above makes KZ ZVX a reference design model for similar products.

Ergonomic Design

KZ ZVX uses geometric and modernistic curve aesthetic design and continues the classic ergonomic appearance of KZ products. Let it not only have an artistic appearance but also have an excellent wearing experience.

High-Purity OFC Cable With Widely Compatible 2-Pin Interfaces

KZ ZVX is equipped with high-purity oxygen-free copper flat cable, which has high signal transmission efficiency and ensures good sound quality. You can switch different wire styles with the widely compatible 2-PIN interface according to your listening preferences to enjoy music freely.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ ZVX
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ ZVX Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product model
Cable plug/jack
Pin Type
0.75mm (C-Pin)
Cable Type
OFC flat cable
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Emmett Whyte

Great performing earphones great price thanks

Good value for the money

These are my favorites along with the Tangzu Wan'er in the 20 €/$ category. Their tuning is successful and the frequency response curve is good. Their resolution, imaging and Soundstage are good enough. The dynamics are good. The bass is quite tight and there is enough of it. The midrange is clear and the treble expands sufficiently. The treble level is right. These fit my ears well and the tips are good enough. The build quality is good and the body is made of metal. The cable is a typical cheap KZ/CCA cable. Overall, very good for the price.

Arpad Chalupa
Sounds good, but

I don't really have anything to complain about on the sound, but it took a little while to get comfortable with and the ear tips got torn apart in a month of daily usage.

Good for the price

Very high build quality and the sound is pretty good

absolute adequacy

first off all metal, brilliantly built.
ill start with the negatives, the cable is standard kz affair not good not unusable, i swapped it with a g1 max and it does need a tip swap its just not comfortable with stock foams, they're not good. still deciding on which ones i like

tuning wise its almost perfect it does have a bit of a treble spike and you can hear it but the rest is absolutely perfect amounts. its not V at all but id call it an energetic neutral. "techs" wise, its 20 bucks its not special its the tuning that carries it
its a competitive market at 20 bucks, its not the most impressive awe inspiring product but i dont consider it bad at all

Ivaylo Atzev
Best KZ sound up until now!

Very nice iems and shopping experience. Thank you.

Great Budget Set

These budget sets get better and better.... Competing for best KZ single DD I've heard yet. The other is the D-FI. Might not be a daily driver but I think I will hold on to them. Great value ..

Dale Sparrow
Just buy them

I am presently listening to those Units and I am enjoying them immensely


KZ has done it again with these IEMs. They are just plain musical and a fun listen. Clear, articulate with solid bass. Worth having in my collection of $20 IEMs for sure. They have their own character.

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