Moondrop Dawn 3.5mm

Full Balanced High-Performance Mini USB DAC / AMP

    High-Performance Dual CS43131 DAC Chips
    3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output
    Wide Compatibility
    Customize Digital Cable
    Aluminum Alloy Shell Anti-Interference
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High-Performance Dual CS43131 DAC Chips

Moondrop DAWN adopts a fully balanced audio circuitry with a Dual DAC chipset. It houses two CS43131 high-performance DAC chips that perform four-channel balanced signal decoding. Moondrop DAWN brings superb performance achieving a high Signal To Noise Ratio, and ultra-low distortion ratings.

3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output

Equipped with 3.5mm single-end earphone jack. Outputting the maximum power of 2Vrms For easily driving all kinds of earphones.

Wide Compatibility

Moondrop DAWN adopts a USB Type-C interface. It is fully compatible with most smartphones, Windows/Mac PCs, and also with apple devices with appropriate adapters.

Customize Digital Cable

Uses customized parallel arrangement of high-purity copper silver-plated digital signal transmission cable. It is more beneficial to the transmission of digital signals than hand-woven audio cable. Ensure low distortion and anti-interference of digital signals.

Aluminum Alloy Shell Anti-Interference

DAWN 3.5mm is designed with aviation aluminum alloy CNC shell, It not only has rigidity but also can shield external electromagnetic interference. White matte paint spraying presenting delicate texture.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Moondrop Dawn 3.5mm
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Earphone Jack
3.5mm Stereo port
Frequency response range
USB Type-C
Background noise
1.1uV(AES17 20Khz)
0.0002% (AES17 20kHz, without load)
127dB(AES17 20Khz, A-weight)
Firmware upgrade
Support (Connect PC)
High/Low (Software switching)
Line out
2Vrms(High), 1Vrms(Low)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Moondrop did it again

Once again moondrop made a product that is more value for money than I thought it could be, the cable is more resilient than it looks and easily this sound a hell of a lot better than any hiby DAC I have tested and every device I have tested just worked out of the box I think this is the my personal pick for the best premium dongle DAC currently on the market.

José luis Moya vivan
Sonido brutal!

Cumplió todas mis expectativas, el sonido es mejor incluso de lo q me esperaba. Lo único que hecho el falta y sería increíble que incluyera un adaptador de Lightning, tengo un iPhone y he comprado un par de adaptadores y siempre me da fallo, al principio funciona y al cabo de pocos usos deja de funcionar. Así que Moondrop piensa en consumidores de iPhone!!

Great(er) dongle power!

Firstly, i have owned only 3 DAC's at this point in my life and Moondrop Dawn was the 2nd. I was absolutely convinced that this would sound somewhat same as my Hidisz S3 Pro. It does and it doesn't.

Firstly, there's even more power, which means that i can listen at even lower volumes than before, i'm at like 10% volume on Samsung S21 FE and on PC Windows volume is 4 or 6. Out of a 100. SICK! I'm 100% convinced that you DON'T NEED A DESKTOP DAC if you have this and you only listen to IEM's or not absolutely hardest to drive headphones. Period. Just plug this into USC-C or USB-A (via adapter) and you're done. Just remember to push sound quality as up as you can on whatever OS you're operating on.

On the go it seems to want very little juice to do it's sound processing black magick. I have not noticed anything crazy battery-wise. The fault is on the Samsung's side more than Moondrop's, the battery on S21 FE is not what you would call a beast.

For sound quality, it depends very much on the IEM's/headphones you use, but sound is full, rich and on the warmer side. Very pleasing and versatile. No shortage of bass!

Only drawback for on the go listening is Android OS, which resamples everything to 48kHz - which isn't this DACs fault by a long shot.

Compared to this, Hidisz is more relaxed and easy going, but this is not harsh by any means. Very "easy" and effortless for any genre, everything is just better - especially if you compare to having no DAC at all! That is not even comparable, really.

This DAC is easy to recommend, i think if you are not in the dongle DAC game, you really should be and at this pricepoint - there's really no question is this worth it... It absolutely is. If you listen to wired IEM's/headphones, i think you absolutely have to get one.

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