DAC ES9838Q2M DSD256 Headphone Amplifier

    Filter Switching,7 Filter Options
    Acoustic Charm,Customized Amps Show The Tuning Skills
    Volume Memory
    Dual Output, Balanced Single-Ended Dual Output
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Unique Design With Excellent Performance

The unique arc-shaped portable decoding design is one of a kind decoding device in terms of looks. The arc-shaped design is made for the custom circuit structure. Dual output design that has balanced and single ended output. There are also five-axis fine carvings that make the complex curves of the M3 looks like a work of art. It uses the ESS flagship DAC ESS9038Q2M, and maximize its performance with independent op amp to give an output with more impact and cleaner output.

Filter Switching,7 Filter Options

Up to 7 filter settings, providing consumers with more options for adjustment parameter. It can be accessed by pressing and holding the main button of M3 volume (if you switch to each filter mode, the M3 indicator will flash several times, if you switch to the fourth type, it will flash 4 times).Individually customized special-shaped lamp posts to highlight product details.
1.Fast Roll-Off,Linear Phase Filter
Low-order reverb,neutral tone,naturally suitable for strong and fast songs
2.Linear Phase Filter
Low-order reverb,neutral tone,good details, belongs to the monitoring style
3.Fast Roll-Off,Linear Phase Filter
Medium-level reverberation,strong music texture, suitable for fast-paced songs
4.Fast Roll-Off,Minimum Phase Filter (default)
High-order reverb, partial mid-frequency, thick and warm, suitable for vocals and slow songs
5.Slow Roll-Off,Minimum Phase Filter
Medium-order reverberation,partial middle frequency,large sound field, suitable for large-scale compositions such as symphony
6.Hybrid,Fast Roll-Off,Minimum Phase Filter
Medium-level reverb,mellow tone, good for listening to strings
7.Linear Phase Shift Brickwall Filter
Advanced reverb, warm tone,neutral tone

Acoustic Charm,Customized Amps Show The Tuning Skills

An independent op amp is designed for ESS9038Q2M, to give enough power to drive high demanding headphones, MUSE acoustic tuning were applied to provide detailed and articulate sound.

Volume Memory

60-level volume adjustment is delicate m3 not only has a volume memory function for each connected device, but also adds a 60-level step volume adjustment to meet the volume needs of consumers in different usage scenarios. The buttons were designed to fit the look.

Dual Output, Balanced Single-Ended Dual Output

To meet the mainstream needs of consumers, the 3.5 single-ended+4.4 balanced dual output interface was Implemented to give the ESS DAC its full potential.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x MUSE HIFI M3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The MUSE HIFI M3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Output Interface
3.5mm single-ended/4.4mm balanced
Input Interface
Type-C USB
Volume up/down/mute/filter switch
Decoding Specification
Max PCM:32bit/384KHZ
single-ended0.0008%, balanced0.0007% 1KHz 32Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio
122DB (1KHZ 32 Ω)
60-level volume adjustment, support power-off memory

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