Electrostatic Driver DD BA Seven Hybrid Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    Excellent Hybrid Driver
    Exquisite CNC Stainless SUS 316 Shell
    Flexible Detachable 2Pin OCC Cable
    Unique Abstract Artistic Faceplate
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EJ07M-The Continue of EJ07

With the success of legendary flagship model-EJ07, Shuoer now release d a mass production version of EJ07-EJ07M. While being affordable, it also has excellent driver configurations. Similar to EJ07, this model adopts hybrid drivers to fully present a astonishing sound quality. Well arrangement of electrostatic driver, balanced armature and dynamic driver deliver an accurate and detailed sound performance

CNC Stainless SUS 316 Shell

For the cavity, Shuoer adopts stainless SUS 316 material via CNC process. After these exquisite technique, the shell shows a natural glow but also textured. Also this kind of material is durable and stable after long time use

Detachable 2Pin OCC Cable

Shuoer EJ07M comes with a OCC single crystal copper cable. The braided cable is to help reduce cable noise and keep the cable light-weight, flexible and comfortable. The detachable design also ensures fully upgradeability. You can replace the cable with any other you like, more fun to play with

Artistic Faceplate

EJ07M is designed with two kinds of faceplate: one is with stylized faceplate and another is gold-flaked carbon fiber faceplate. These two artistic faceplate is unique and quite abstract, like the art from Picasso. Overall it elevates the general tone of this HiFi in-ear monitor

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LETSHUOER EJ07M Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configuration
-10mm Carbon nano dynamic driver
-Sonion 4 in 1 electrostatic driver
-Sonion 2389*2 balanced armature drivers
Sensitivity at 1w
Distortion rate
Case Material
Stainless Steel SUS 316
Process technique
Cable length
Cable material
100-strands OCC copper cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Robertson

I would have love to give a more detailed review but... The set sounded good, until one of the IEMs failed. Linsoul was good at taking on my request to repair the failed side, but it was repaired and not replaced, and the warranty is not as good as other IEM makers. One of the IEMs failed less than 30 days of owning it, so replacing instead of repairing seemed fair, Also to replace the one side would have cost me more money so, my rating is so because Linsoul and Letshuoer at least repaired the broken one. I have yet to receive it so, I hope the casing isn't scratched or marred and looks good as new,

Васил Нанков
Incredible and impressive...

Here are some brief impressions of EJ 07m. The rating scale is from 1 to 10.

I disclaim responsibility!

The soundstage is elliptical, laterally outside your head (wide) , but there is a lack of depth, and the performance is more behind. Without such a great back performance as with Tea. The height is a little above the eyes, it is not too high - this is very good, because the many scenes raised disturb the position! This is also given in the photo above - 9.

The images are amazing, in a good position, but no big 3D effect - 10.

The separation is good, there is no overload in complex songs - 8.5 .

There is a bass / subbass in a 40/60 ratio, according to my ears. The texture is very good and does not color the mids. The dynamic driver is fast and accurate, competes with beryllium bass, the bass hits and kicks, but not too much. They have excellent dynamics for a tribrid! Not for bass heads - 9.5 .

The drums are dense, rumble, each can be clearly distinguished by tone -10.

High frequencies are good, tireless. The cymbals are distinct, but may have a little more density - the sound is between sssss and shshsh - 8.5 .

The mids are amazing, dense, forward, but not screaming. The guitars have a good texture, the sound is rounded and with not so smooth edges, which makes listening pleasant and not so tiring, but clear. The sound is from the warm and dark side, but not too much. Sonion 2389 works wonders here- 10.

The vocals are intimate when needed. Female vocals are very good, male vocals are good and full of energy. There is emotion in the vocals, without being too much - 10.

There are plenty of details! The resolution is very good for this tuning. There is no sibilance and resonance, if you find the right tips- 8.5 .

The timbre of BA is noticeable, but it is not excessive and irritating, It is compensated by good tuning. Coherence is almost like 90% of a dynamic driver, in my opinion! - 9.5 .

The accessories are good. The cable is excellent and does not need to be replaced , I like this color - 10.

The construction is excellent, but the length of the nozzle can be improved - 9.

Use: for all genres -10.

Impressive Little Tribrid - Worthy of 5 Stars

Ordered the stock black set. Got these for the wife's smaller ears. The metal shells are a little heavier, but they are much smaller than our other tribrid sets. Couldn't be happier with the easy fit AND the impressive audio performance.

This is a very fun little set. Well-tuned. Delivers full range audio with impressive musical detail throughout. Spacial/Holographic/Open-sounding. Excellent "all-around-set" that plays our extensive rock music library beautifully. Sounds great with our portable sources, but scales up nicely when driven by a proper amplifier. FYI - we did not try any of the stock tips - using SednaEarfit Crystals.

Wife says 5 stars & I agree.

Ethan Moore
Too warm for me, but excellent IEMs

I prefer a much brighter sound signature, but I do think the EJ07Ms are a technically impressive set of IEMs. Cymbal strikes, sounds natural and detailed and the electric guitar notes are presented well with a sound that has nice texture. During songs that get congested with a fast kick drums, fast electric guitar, and deep vocals, the EJ07Ms handled the busyness well with good layering between the instruments. I was impressed with how fast these IEMs are. Male vocals also sound very good with a nice weight in the lower pitch. Bass guitar notes sound full-bodied and are a treat on these IEMs. I also enjoyed how these IEMs handled the snare drums, tom drums, and kick drums with a natural sound and very pleasant decay. In the same respect of decay, the imaging was better than other IEMs I've listened to. One of the songs I listened to has three overlapping vocal sections and the IEMs had great extension in the duration during their fade in/out to overlap the previous due to the depth of sound and decay. Overall great IEMs.

D Chen
This Is Shuoer To Please

Superb details + amazing imaging & layering have set these apart from the rest of my IEMS.
There is a suprising amount of air between instruments.
Sub bass has decent impact and the low end is very agile.
Mids sound natural with the perfect balance in weight and transparency.
I would say the E707M is on the darker side. Treble is refined, albeit lacking a bit of sparkle.
My impressions are done through various sources and E Pro Horn tips.

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