The 2nd Generation Of Dual-Magnet & Dual-Cavity Lithium-Magnesium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones
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Advanced Diaphragm Technology: Immerse yourself in audio excellence with the second-generation lithium-magnesium dome diaphragm, combining lightness and stiffness. This upgraded material offers nuanced and rapid sound response, curbing vibrations for a broad, low-distortion spectrum. Experience enhanced mid to low frequencies, delivering lush and intricately detailed sound.

Enhanced Dual-Magnet & Dual-Cavity Design: Elevate your listening experience with the refined 2nd-generation DMDC™ technology. Meticulously optimized magnetic circuit structure and volume ratio enhance transient response and expand bandwidth, ensuring low distortion across all frequencies. The EA500LM delivers exceptional dynamics and realism with intricate layering, silky smoothness, and remarkable ductility in the high-frequency domain.

Versatile Tuning and Interchangeable Nozzles: Fine-tune your auditory journey with three interchangeable nozzles, each crafted for a unique sound profile. The lithium-magnesium alloy dome combines with Simgot Technology's tuning expertise, offering a harmonious blend of durability, versatility, and unparalleled sound quality. The EA500LM sets a new benchmark in entry-level Hi-Fi.

Audiophile-Grade Gaming Experience: Immerse yourself in audiophile clarity and gaming precision with the high-purity, silver-plated OFC cable. The dual-target frequency response curve ensures accurate sound localization and vivid imaging, ideal for immersive gaming experiences. The EA500LM's ergonomic design promises a comfortable, secure fit, making it perfect for long gaming sessions or music enjoyment.

High-End 2nd Generation Lithium-Magnesium Dome Diaphragm

As an upgraded material for high-quality audio devices, the second-generation lithium-magnesium dome diaphragm combines a flexible suspension system, offering both lightness and stiffness. This material, even lighter than pure beryllium, closely mimics its acoustic properties, providing a nuanced and rapid sound response. The stiff nature of the diaphragm curbs unnecessary vibrations and resonances, ensuring a broad, low-distortion sound spectrum. Compared to its predecessor, the EA500, this diaphragm not only maintains excellent high-frequency clarity but also enhances the richness and fullness of mid to low frequencies, delivering a sound that is both lush and intricately detailed.

The Second Generation Of Dual-Magnet & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver

Building on the EA1000's 2nd-generation DMDC™ technology, the enhanced dual-magnet and dual-cavity design has evolved through meticulous optimization of factors like magnetic circuit structure and volume ratio. This advanced DMDC™ system incorporates both internal and external magnetic circuits, a novel approach that generates a potent effective magnetic flux. This significant enhancement boosts the transient response and expands the bandwidth of the headphones, ensuring low distortion across all frequencies. When compared to its predecessor, this refined system offers superior control over high frequencies. The EA500LM utilizes this sophisticated technology to deliver exceptional dynamics and a profound sense of realism. It stands out for its intricate layering, silky smoothness, and airy feel, coupled with remarkable ductility in the high-frequency domain. 

Advanced Tuning and Interchangeable Nozzles

The EA500LM encapsulates the essence of acoustic customization and intricate tuning within its compact form. It offers a versatile listening experience through three interchangeable nozzles—each crafted with distinct materials and mixing cloth techniques—allowing users to fine-tune their auditory journey. Merging the precise engineering of the lithium-magnesium alloy dome composite diaphragm with Simgot Technology's seasoned tuning expertise, it delivers a trio of unique sound profiles. These profiles balance the three-frequency response, enrich vocals with emotion, and elevate the high-frequency Hi-Fi experience. The device's sophisticated multi-layered tuning system, though compact, masterfully orchestrates each component from nozzles to cavities, ensuring a harmonious blend of durability, versatility, and unparalleled sound quality, setting a new benchmark in personal audio refinement. 

Redefining Hi-Fi Elegance

The EA500LM sets a new benchmark in entry-level Hi-Fi, blending state-of-the-art finite element simulation with artisanal craftsmanship. It meticulously optimizes every aspect, from diaphragm design to ear shell acoustics, achieving a sound that rivals top-tier flagships. Encased in a high-density, CNC-engraved alloy body, it offers robust durability and an elegant aesthetic, with a unique internal structure that ensures purity of sound. Despite minor aesthetic variations inherent to its meticulous crafting process, the EA500LM stands as a paragon of performance, durability, and refined beauty, marking a new era in affordable high-quality audio. 

Audiophile Clarity Meets Gaming Precision and Comfort

The EA500LM shines with its high-purity, silver-plated OFC cable, meticulously designed for precise sound transmission and enhanced audio clarity. Encased in a sleek, anti-oxidation PVC, the cable's elegant black and gold aesthetics offer both flexibility and durability. This model excels in gaming, thanks to its dual-target frequency response curve, ensuring accurate sound localization and vivid imaging, perfect for immersive gaming experiences. Additionally, the EA500LM's ergonomic design, tailored through extensive 3D auricular research, promises a comfortable, secure fit, making it ideal for long gaming sessions or enjoying music. The EA500LM stands as a testament to the fusion of audiophile-grade sound, gaming performance, and ergonomic innovation. 

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SIMGOT EA500 LM
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SIMGOT EA500 LM Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details




123dB/Vrms (@1kHz Gold Copper nozzle & Red Silicone Ring)
123dB/Vrms (@1kHz Silver Steel nozzle & Red Silicone Ring)
124dB/Vrms (@1kHz Silver Steel nozzle & Black Silicone Ring)

Frequency response range


Effective frequency response



0.78mm 2-pin

Cable material

high-purity silver-plated OFC cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Better than the OG, if you can believe it!

This set is a no brainer. Get it, you won't regret it! Good looking full metal shell, great accessories, oustanding sound signature, multiple tuning tips, excellent quality. A nice upgrade from the best IEM of 2023.

Blind Purchase That Hit Bullseye!

My friend lost her earphones and needed one urgently. We wanted to get the EA500 as we have tested that before but decided to blind buy the EA500 LM instead since it was a new release.
Parcel was delivered yesterday and my oh my, BULLSEYE! She texted immediately about the EA500 LM and said that it definitely did not disappoint. It sounded way better than she expected.
She did not have the EA500 to compare it with but based on audio memory, she really likes the EA500 LM.
Just a suggestion for SIMGOT. It's a pity that the EA500 LM does not have a mic cable option. We are sure that many people would appreciate that.
We had to buy a separate one (Tripowin Zombur 0.78mm) and thankfully, it worked great with the EA500 LM.

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