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Thieaudio Phantom

Planar Magnetic Open Back Over-Ear Headphones with Replacement Velvet Earmuffs

  • Superior Planar Magnetic Driver
  • Advanced Planar Technology
  • High Quality Raw Materials
  • Comfortable Design
  • Headphones Crafted By Hand
Regular price $75.00 USD
Sale price $75.00 USD Regular price

Superior Planar Magnetic Driver.

Thieaudio Phantom is committed to achieving a balanced sound for any genre of music. Using advanced and innovative 101 mm planar magnetic drivers, the Thieaudio Phantom presents a coherent, superiorly balanced, and masterfully detailed sound. With stellar build quality, comfortable design, and an involving, detailed, and clean sound, the Phantom recreates the experience of listening to the actual instruments from a concert or recording studio. Bass is controlled.

Advanced Planar Technology

The speaker utilizes an exclusive latest generation 101mm German ultra-light composite diaphragm with dual magnetic circuit on equation and high-pass magnet technology. The the strength of the magnets is equal on both sides of the diaphragm, and this has the advantage of minimizing harmonic distortion and improving performance.

High Quality Raw Materials

High quality solid natural wood is the material chosen for the housing and this grants the best quality of the headphones. Only using high quality materials the end result can be excellent and this led us to choose the best materials available. The shell of the Phantom uses high quality black walnut wood, while the back cover is made of metal and it is made using electrophoresis to guarantee a smooth sound texture. It is truly an elegant, luxurious and overall excellent.

Comfortable Design

Expensive velvet earmuffs ensure a soft and lush fit. The headband has soft padding that allows you to wear the headphones for multiple hours - don¡¯t worry about fatigue! The headband can be adjusted to fit every head, big or small.

Headphones Crafted By Hand

The whole process, from material selection, to CNC machining, engraving, grinding, polishing, as well as repeated oiling and drying, is done by hand. The Phantom is an exquisite display of fine craftsmanship.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Thieaudio Phantom
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Thieaudio Phantom Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Thieaudio Planar Magnetic Headphones
Open back
Planar magnetic drivers
Driver size
101 mm
47 ohms
93±3 dB
Frequency response range
5 Hz - 50 kHz
< 1% @ 1 kHz
Rated Power
Weight, excluding cable
1.8 meter(5.9ft) OFC cable
Thieaudio Phantom Headphone Frequency Response Graph

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rodney Markiewicz
Sound is decent,build is poor

I purchased at full price and would have used them, however mine had issues w the copper metal holding ear cup to the headphone frame. The left side would fall off w any movement. Tried 2 times to address the problem. I never got anything but ignored. Considering they were 300 ish, I found that to be rude. I wouldn't recommend due to the design flaw,and original price. They just sit in the box for a couple of years now. Funny to see their giving them away now..thanks for the quality product and help.

Mike Carter
Ordered but never received 60 days have come and gone

Linsoul asked me for a review. Well ordered and paid 60 days ago, no tracking capacity it seems and here i sit +60 days later with no headphones. Quite disappointe.

Hello there. Thank you for the feedback.

You had purchased the cable on 20th Aug, 2021. The order confirmation email and tracking details had been sent to your email address.

According to the tracking link, your parcel had been shipped out on 22nd Aug, and it was successfully delivered to the community mailbox or parcel locker on 30th Aug.

Chandler Lee
Glorious and spacious

I love the space inside these cans. I could swear theres an additional woofer about 20ft behind me at all times. I would highly recommend a pad swap as the stock ones are very thin but overall an excellent buy!

A lot of potential but missed the mark

These phones have a lot of potential but fall short due to the poor choice of materials used to build them. These have been out long enough for the necessary changes to be made ie lose the metal grills that pull hard on the magnets, as well as the the foam padding inside and out. There have been many reviews stating that this needs to be done, you should listen to your consumers and make these changes , you will sell far more of these if you do. I gave 2 stars because you shouldn't need to make changes to new headphones that cost over $300 dollars, as well as mine also didn't come with the thicker velvet pad as advertised. That being said I still like them but I like to tinker with things. Once moded they do sound really good, but at this price they should sound good out of box, and would if these easy changes would be done at the factory.

Didn't come with the thick velvet earpads

one of the main reasons i purchased this was seeing in all the various online reviews (i.e. z reviews) and as seen in the 3rd product page here, it comes with a thicker velvet ear pad along with a lesser or normal set of earpads as seen on the other pictures, mine didn't come with the thick velvet pads.. just two sets of normal pads.. not sure if this is just a factory/packaging mistake or if intentional, but whatever the case, I was disappointed to have not received them.

Great sound, needs mods.

These sound amazing. Like out of this world.
But to get these sounds, you need to modify the headphones.
Remove the covers, remove the foam filter pads from both sides of the cup.
Having done this, your headphone is now more vulnerable to damage.
Don't plan on carrying these around; they are not portable.
You need a good source with power, and with the filters out, you need to be careful of dust and strong breezes that might damage the driver films.
But in terms of sound, this has got it all.
Frequency extension on both bass and treble.
WIDE WIDE WIDE soundstage.
If you're looking for the headphone for home or studio, this is it.

Budget Way To Enter Audiophile Level Sound (With Some Modding Effort)

Is it "reference"? - Close, but no. Stock- there is good detail, and it is slightly bass-centric (Not heavily, just slightly warm) Modded to remove foam inside and outside and replace with thinner foam - MUCH improved. Rivals my Beyerdynamic T1 version 2 for detail, speed and soundstage accuracy.
Is it a "Bass cannon"? - No, while the bass is a bit emphasized over highs & mids, it is within reason.
Is it "Treble-harsh"? - No, I heard no sibilance, "ringing", or harshness before or after modding.
How is the soundstage? - Very good! Not just "Wide", but fully-enveloping .
Are they worth the price? - Definitely. For about $350 US dollars, I consider them very worth the price. Sound is top-shelf, giving the impression that they cost more than they actually do. BUT you have to put some work into them to get them that way. Out of the box, they are just "good". I wouldn't return them, but their potential is just SO much more modded.

KEN Do you have any complaints? - Yes. The build quality and fit. Both are detractors, but not deal-breakers. Not uncomfortable, but could certainly be better implemented in future versions.

What did I listen to auditioning them?
Diagnostic Listening -
1. "Chesky Records Ultimate Demonstration Disc"
General Listening –
1. "The Sound Of Silence" - Pentatonix
2. "The Sound Of Silence" - Disturbed
3. “Why Me?” – Planet P
Blues/Jazz –
1. “Round Midnight” – Thelonious Monk
3. “A Night In Tunisia” – Dizzy Gillespi
4. “Mood Indigo” – Duke Ellington

James Demer
Stunned at how good these sound

I have been wearing headphones and iems professionally for 20 years as a location audio engineer, and have mixed Academy Award winning and nominated films. Critical listening is my profession and passion.
I agree with the other reviews that the build quality is not the best. It’s not that the Phantoms feel like they are going to fall apart, it’s more like they sound so damn good, the physical build is just not as premium as the sound. I’m ok with that because I don’t buy headphones to look at. I buy them to listen to and my goodness these sound good.
There is a quality to the sound that expands in my head unlike any other phones I’ve tried with the exception of my father in laws old Stax. The sound stage is so detailed and complete without being too forward in any frequency slice, and where other phones I own (like my trusty 10 year old Ultimate Ears IEM triple driver) tend to sound forced or thin at some point in the frequency spectrum, the Phantoms simply shine with balance and poise. They are like your friend that is charming in all situations. I’m not quite sure how it’s done but like it.
While I could never wear these for work because they are open back and might disturb my colleagues, they are my new favorites for watching movies and listening to a wide variety of music from jazz to rock to bluegrass.
Lastly I’d like to say that they are extremely comfortable for my head and ears. Headphones are like helmets though- you should try them on to see how they fit.

Connor Griffin
Fantastic with mods

These sound fantastic with the right mods done, and can easily outperform headphones more than double their price.
The build is cheap and leaves a lot to be desired, but they make up for it with sound quality! I strongly recommend purchasing if you are willing to do a few simple modifications to them.


The built quality on these headphones is cheap ,the hinges are wobbly and the headband is uncomfortable after a while of use.The metal hinges and grill on the headphones themselves are not debuted so the edges are sharp.Regarding the sound the metal Backcovers on the headphones limit the sound ,the metal is being pulled buy the magnets which interfere with the drivers free movement.Furthermore make sure you know what you are purchasing because when I purchased my set of headphones linsoul advertised 2 different earpads ,and extra adapters to convert from a 2.5mm to 4.4mm and 2.5mm to 3.5mm.The problem is they sent 2 identical ear pads saying that the long haired ear pads are out of stock"and dont worry about it other people didn't like the sound anyways",which is beside the point Linsoul didn't keep their part of the deal.To top it of they tried to make me feel as if I should be thankful for the adapters I received ,which by the way one was defective. Bottomline there are similar headphones in the price range with better built quality and equal if not better sound quality depending on your sound preference. Read more reviews before you give your money to a company that isn't true to their word.

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