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A Perfect Seal for the Perfect Performance

    Sound Components for a Better Sound
    Technical Excellence Meets User Preference
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Ground Control to Major Tom

As with its elder brother, the Voyager 14, the inspiration for a more affordable in ear monitor came from our aspirations to set new bars as to what professional earphones can achieve. By optimizing the number of drivers to three balanced armatures, we effectively lowered the cost of the monitor, but maintained the sonic integrity of the Voyager 14 by utilizing the same comprehensive cross-over and tuning strategy. The Voyager 3 was designed specifically with musicians in mind, aiming for brilliant technicalities as well as a musical tuning. From a neutral reference tuning, the midline was elevated ever so slightly to achieve a more present and engaging vocal and instrument presentation. We also extended the treble reach to enhance the timbre and air of string and percussion instruments. With its emphasis on clear vocal and instrument articulation, and audiophile-standard detail retrieval, we set the Voyager 3 to be the ideal in ear monitor for the stage and everyday enjoyment.

A Perfect Seal for the Perfect Performance

We began our journey understanding how crucial a perfect fit is for on-stage performance. To ensure a perfect seal, we elongated the reach of the stem and the base to comfortably match every ear. Analyzing many human ear moulds, we adopted the perfect contours of the housing body to nestle along the outer cavity of the ear. The shell cavity is composed of medical-grade acrylic resin to sustain both comfort and safety. Our design effectively produces up to 32dB of noise isolation and is perfect for both the stage and busy daily commutes.

Sound Components for a Better Sound

We selected two of the American-made Knowles CI-22955 balanced armature drivers to cover the bass and midline independently in a three-way crossover system that utilizes a low-pass and mid-pass filter. The CI-22955 is one of the biggest single driver balanced armatures that Knowles provides, and its wide frequency range is perfect for utilization in the low-mid range. Our low-pass filter focuses all of the 22955’s energy in producing deep, impactful, and punchy bass, while the second 22955 driver is free to drive the midline. By integrating two of the same driver models for the low and mids separately, we achieved an extremely coherent low-mid presentation that is also free of frequency overlap. The trebles are handled by the gold standard Knowles ED-29869 balanced armature driver, and tuned with our high-pass filter to deliver silky highs that highlight the shimmer of instruments, without any piercing or shill overtones.

Technical Excellence Meets User Preference

The three balanced armature drivers and their three-way crossover are matched with two separate sound bores at the stem to further enhance the distinct frequency separation of the system. The integration of a low and high tuning switch then allows the user to adjust the level of the bass and treble to fit their personal musical preference. This mechanism is the same as that found in the flagship Voyager 14 model, and allows up to four different tuning implementations to match every user. Now that’s what we call flexibility!

Ultra-pure Replaceable Cable

The final component of the Voyager 3 was finding a high-quality cable that is fit to deliver the perfect sonic properties of this unit. We decided on an ultra-pure eight-core silver-plated OCC copper cable that utilizes a 2-pin connection. The soft cable is comfortable for both long on-stage performances as well as listening sessions. The utilization of a 2-pin connector (which we believe is better in longevity compared to standard MMCX connectors) also means you can swap out the cable with any other cable of your liking, thus effectively elongating the life of the Voyager 3. Voyager 3, it’s your start to a new adventure!

Inside the Box

  • Thieaudio Voyager 3 IEM
  • Eartips
  • Cable
  • Carrying case

1 Year Warranty

The ThieAudio Voyager 3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

3 Knowles Balanced Amartures
Noise Cancellation
113dB at 1 kHz
14 ohm @ 1KHz
Frequency Response
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Recessed 0.78mm 2Pin
3.5mm Unbalanced Jack
Cable Length
1.2 m
Cable Material
8 Core Copper and Silver Tensil Mixed Wire
Net Weight
Included Accessories
Cable Metal Storage Case silicon tips(S.M.L)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
S Cope
Great Sound, Awful Service

The Voyager 3, or as I like to call them-the V3 sounds excellent. its has a good stage, accurate details, & a warm low end that has a good punch but never overwhelms. A very enjoyable IEM for listening to complex music, you will really be able to take in every detail.

So why not a 5 star? I mean they sound great right?

Well, there are two issues. The first is something other reviewers have mentioned, the QDC connectors are terrible. They are extremely fragile & prone to breakage. This is not good, but wouldn’t normally be a deal breaker. After all most companies are good with replacements.

However, most companies are not Linsoul Audio. The replacement process with this company is the single worst customer-service experience I have ever had. You will be asked for information you have already provided multiple times, you will be promised things will be sent out ‘this week’ but weeks later nothing will have happened, & you will be sent packages with only an apartment number & a post code- that of course do not arrive. It will take months, & there will be no progress & you will still not have a replacement item.

So, I can hardly recommend this item considering that there is a high chance your QDC connectors will have issues, & you will have to deal with the worst customer service team known to man, women or child. I regret not doing more research about this company on head-fi & other websites- but hopefully my warning can do some good.

I will be repeating this review on my head-fi, & perhaps also on my YouTube channel. So if it is deleted by Linsoul staff, it will still be there for the whole head-fi community as a warning. With an update regarding any censorship.

Hello there. Thank you for the feedback.

The colleague who was in charge had already left, and we sincerely apologise on her behalf for delaying the matter, only to have it resolved at the end of April.

However, we would also like to clarify some things which you have left out in your review.
1) The shipping address for the order number was not the one you provided. Hence, it seemed to suggest that you weren't the original buyer of our product. Warranty is actually non-transferrable, and you did not inform us that you weren't the original buyer, which took us a long time to confirm the shipping address.
2) However, despite all the hiccups, you still managed to receive a replacement unit.

We admit that this issue was poorly handled by that colleague. However, we have taken the responsibility on her behalf. Moving forward, we will strictly adhere to our policy:

Stiven Kostelac

ThieAudio Voyager 3

Can't wait to try thieaudio v14

Just excellent from thieaudio, details, extended treble, clean mids and light bass.

Iulian Ursache
Great sound. Issues with the QDC connection.

Discussing how great these IEMs sound has been covered already here and all over YouTube; I also believe that these are excellent from a sound standpoint.

However, the connection to the QDC cable is very fragile and not very well defined (smaller than that cable's receiving dimensions), at least mine are. Firstly, I continuously had problems with the IEM units falling off the provided cable. I was always afraid that I might lose them. After a while, the QDC connection part of the IEM units chipped, making even more prone to losing the headphones. If you think that I abused them, and that might be the reason, the answer is no; I used them 99% while seating on my couch.

So, I'm strongly recommending them if:
- you are collecting IEMs, and this one will stay in a box anyway
- you are ready to commit to one cable and glue that cable to the IEM units

I'm not recommending them if you want to use them on the go; their QDC connection is too fragile and prone to breakage.

My recommendation to ThieAudio is to change the rasin-based IEMs from QDC to simple 2-pin design.

Victor Chu
Beautiful sound and accurate sound!

Great sound stage. I've always liked a close sound stage like you are in a band. The sound stage is very accurate and right in front of you from left to right. I do not hear it from behind but I guess that is what the Voyager 14 is for. This is a decently musical IEM yet it is also very accurate. It does have good bass but of course it is BA bass. The fit is decent with the included tips and the cable is good. I use the smaller tips so they really go deep in to the ear which I find I get the best from these IEM. I've connected this to my Note 5, Note 9 and my Asus STX on PC. I find the dip switch best is starting left to right normal (Left) and up (Right). Also beautiful carry case that can fit everything inside plus a second IEM.. It does come with the dip switch tool which is really just a sim card tool.

I bought the Blon3 at the same time and I find them as a super value at $30 bucks but the Voyager 3 is more of a fuller sound more accurate and better sound stage which is what I prefer.
The Blon 3 are just a bit tinny and the Blon3 has trouble with some treble voices otherwise for the price I paid is fantastic. But they are not better than the Voyager 3.

Also just ordered the Legacy 3 for the Bass.. You can never have enough IEM's. just like any other hobby including 2A rights!

Also to note the SF Shipping is not very accurate and it will get stuck in USA Customs for a long time. They will come but it is a long wait. At least a month and 1/2. Well worth it.

Excellent Detail In A Budget IEM

I have listened to the Voyager 3 for a few months now. I enjoy it greatly. Truly, if I had never heard ThieAudio's Legacy 3, it would be in a 2-way tie for my favorite $100-$200 iems. The sound signature is fairly customizable, and I can easily adjust it to get the sound that I enjoy most. The Legacy 3 trades-off the added detail the Voyager 3 provides for being exactly what I want out of the box without needing EQ. So while they are both loosely close in overall sound quality, the Legacy 3 is now my daily driver while the Voyager 3 is what I'd choose when I want to hear more detail and analyze audio rather than just enjoy listening. The other difference is that the bass has more authority and "slam" in the Legacy 3 while the Voyager 3 provides a cleaner and more accurate bass.

The other iem that this resembles in sound signature, (recall my earlier 2-way tie reference) is the Moondrop Kanas Pro which I still thoroughly enjoy but is sadly discontinued.

Yan Loon Cheng
Great set, lots of details.

Balanced sound with lots of details (both dip switches on). Has multiple sound profiles controlled by the 2 dip switches. Very soft cable with no microphonics.

Bore size is large, with the stock tips just fit my ears, tight seal, can feel that it's not vented so some pressure when inserting and removing (do both slowly!).

ionita catalin ciprian
This is an amazing pair of iem for the price, sound very natural and detailed.

They look nice, the cable is soft,good quality, nice water-resistant carrying case
My first sound impression with stock tips was disappointed, the sound was thin and harsh, with liitle bass and had a strange "reverb or wet like " sound and the dip switches didn't make much difference. I tried spinfit model cp155 and the sound was the same. After listening and switching a lot of types of eartips, i found a pair of MEMORY FOARM EARTIPS that REALY CHNGED THE SOUND. The eartip must be inserted deep on the nozzle so that the sound bores are close to the top of the eartip (this will help you get get rid of reflection inside the eartip)
With the memory foam eartip you will get an impressing full range sound, very detailed (almost as fiio fh7), very good instrument separation, nice soundstage (bigger in depth), a good bass response, the weird "reverb/wet like" sound and harshness disappear and the dip switches make noticeable difference. They are very tip-dependent
This item is very sensitive to hiss, but the good news is that you don't really need an amp for them, even if i see benefits of using one
They are also very sensitive to eq. So if you are a bass-head and like a thumpy bass you must eq them, the BA drivers are very capable. I use them now with both switches up and no eq.
I highly recommend this item for a clean, balanced, detailed and natural sound, i don't know what you can get better for this money, but beware of using the right eartips, they really make difference

Perfect for Stage Monitoring

The tuning on this set is absolutely perfect.
I think one of the best IEM's you can use for stage monitoring purposes.
All of the details are there, and the vocals are just so sweet.
Voyager 3 beats my Shure's out of the park any day.
Couldn't have chosen a better set for me.

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