Fully Balanced HIFI DAC

  • Dual ES9039SPRO Chips
  • CPLD for Optimal Signal Processing
  • MQA Full Decoder
  • Brand-New I/V Conversion Circuit
  • Wireless Excellence with LDAC Support
  • Seamless Compatibility and Plug-and-Play
  • Enhanced Control with Bluetooth Remote
  • Perfect Pairing with A90 Discrete Amplifier
  • Seamless Integration with 12V Trigger
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Dual ES9039SPRO Chips

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled audio excellence with the TOPPING D90 III SABRE. This fully balanced HIFI DAC features dual ES9039SPRO chips, independently utilizing each left and right audio channel for a superior audio experience. Compared to its predecessor, the D90SE, the D90 III SABRE boasts a higher SNR, broader dynamic range, and lower distortion.

CPLD for Optimal Signal Processing

One of the standout features of the D90 III SABRE is its innovative use of CPLD to process the clock and optimize the digital signal. Regardless of the input source—USB, optical, coaxial, or AES—the D90 III SABRE achieves incredibly low jitter levels, as low as -160dB.

MQA Full Decoder

For those who seek studio-quality sound, the D90 III SABRE incorporates the MQA Full Decoder, providing a fully expanded experience of MQA files. This means you can enjoy the original recording experience of artists in the studio, delivering the highest sound quality.

Brand-New I/V Conversion Circuit

The device introduces a brand-new I/V conversion circuit designed for optimal audio reproduction. With lower distortion and reduced noise, the circuit pushes the limits of physics to extract the last bit of performance from the DAC chip. The result is an authentic reproduction of music with THD+N below 0.000045%, allowing clearer details to flow into your ears.

Wireless Excellence with LDAC Support

Wireless connectivity is taken to new heights with LDAC support and Bluetooth 5.1. The D90 III SABRE, equipped with QCC5125, can transmit high-quality audio wirelessly up to 96kHz/24bit, surpassing the audio quality of CDs.

Seamless Compatibility and Plug-and-Play

With a wide range of compatibility, including Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android, the D90 III SABRE ensures a stable and reliable connection. The USB hardware is based on XMOS XU316 and Thesycon driver, providing a seamless plug-and-play experience.

Enhanced Control with Bluetooth Remote

Enhance your control with the included 2.4G Bluetooth remote, which remains unfazed by obstacles, offering flexible control from a distance. The D90 III SABRE also supports sound simulation, allowing you to switch between default mode, valve mode, and transistor mode.

Perfect Pairing with A90 Discrete Amplifier

For the ultimate audio experience, pair the D90 III SABRE with the A90 Discrete headphone amplifier. The A90 Discrete, with a full balanced discrete NFCA module, ultra-high output capability, and ultra-low THD+N, is designed to complement the D90 III SABRE, making it an ideal choice for driving various headphones.

Seamless Integration with 12V Trigger

Incorporating a 12V Trigger input and output, the D90 III SABRE ensures seamless integration with other devices, allowing synchronized switching on and off. Elevate your audio journey with the TOPPING D90 III SABRE, where innovation meets unparalleled sound quality.

Inside the Box

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Technical Details

THD+N @A-wt: <0.00006%@1kHz | THD @No-wt 90kBw: <0.0003%@20-20kHz | SNR @A-wt: 129dB@1kHz | Dynamic Range @A-wt: 129dB@1kHz | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(+0.1dB) | 20Hz-40kHz(+0.3dB) | Output Level: 2.1Vrms @0dBFS(4V Mode) | 2.6Vrms@0dBFS(5V Mode) | Noise @A-wt: <1.1uVrms | Channel Crosstalk: -133dB @1kHz | Channel Balance: 0.3 dB | Output Impedance: 50Ω
THD+N @A-wt: <0.000045%@1kHz | THD @No-wt 90kBw: <0.0001%@20-20kHz | SNR @A-wt: 135dB@1kHz | Dynamic Range @A-wt: 135dB@1kHz | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(+0.1dB) | 20Hz-40kHz(+0.3dB) | Output Level: 4.2Vrms @0dBFS(4V Mode) | 5.2Vrms@0dBFS(5V Mode) | Noise @A-wt: <1.1uVrms | Channel Crosstalk: -149dB @1kHz | Channel Balance: 0.3 dB | Output Impedance: 100Ω

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