TRI Clarion

3 Pairs Silicone Earphone Eartips

    Improve Sound Quality
    Designed For Nozzle 4.5mm-6mm
    Universal Comfortable Fit
    Compatible With Most Major Earphone Brands
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There will be sound loss during transmission and detail loss under the low volume for straight tube-shaped eartips. To improve these, TRI designed this one with a new structure which has been built by injection molding of both the inner core and sidewall.


You can choose among 3 sizes of tips to have the best sense of fit. Soft silicone material isolates while remaining pliable.


TRI Clarion gives you slip-free, ultra comfort, perfect seal eartips for your Earphones.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRI Clarion
  • User Manual

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3 Pairs

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Customer Reviews

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han kok
TRI clarion

Very good

Looks weird, works great!

The design of TRI's Clarion eartips may be unconventional, but rest assured it's a winning formula. These are my new favorite wide-bore tips and are a perfect companion to the Kiwi Ears Cadenza, significantly improving both sound and comfort.

Seal: These tips produce the best seal I've ever experienced on an IEM. Sound isolation is great, almost as good as earplugs in how effectively they block out ambient sound.

Fit & Comfort: The Clarion tips provide a slightly fuller feeling in the ear when I first insert them, but that sensation quickly fades and they become extremely comfortable. I experience no discomfort or pressure when using them, even for long periods. They also seem to hold themselves well in the ear canal and do not slip out easily over time. I usually wear a Medium sized tip, and the Medium-sized Clarions fit me well.

IEM Compatibility: These will easily fit nozzles with a 6.Xmm diameter, and I doubt there is any IEM with a nozzle too wide for the Clarions to accommodate. Wide nozzles found on the Kiwi Ears Cadenza, Tanchjim Zero, and Tanchjim Ola are no challenge. The Clarions were also the first ear tips that allowed me to finally get a proper seal on the problematically-shaped Tanchjim Ola.

Sound: Sound impressions will differ for every IEM, but on the Kiwi Ears Cadenza I found the Clarions to perform particularly well. They improve the soundstage of the Cadenza and make the vocals feel less cramped towards the centre. They also improve treble a bit, but not so much as to betray the original sound signature. Bass response remains respectable. Honestly a must-buy for anybody who owns a Cadenza.

Value: Three pairs of tips for under $9 USD provides better value than most competitors. The quality of the tips is high.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5

Great tips!

I got the large size and they fit me the best. In fact, the large size in this tip might be a medium size for another manufacturer so if a medium size fits you in another tip, it might be safe to get a large size in the Clarion.

These tips are also quite soft and very pliable so they seal well to the contour of your ear cavities and they don’t put any pressure on them. And since they are big bore, it presents more clarity and detail at the expense of a little bass, but the bass is still there. My favorite tips!

Great Tips

Really, really good tips. Very comfortable (I got Large size), they give me a good seal on every one of my IEMs I have tried. Sound is great too, the headstage these project is very impressive, only drawback is they reduce the bass a bit, but that's expected with this type of tip.

Definitely recommend.

Sophanna Ven
The best tips

The best you tips as of now highly recommend


they dont do much for the sounds at all, they're not adding anything particularly so that not great for tuning. but to top it off they're uncomfortable and they came dirty like some dust all over them

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