28AWG 8-Core Silver Copper Foil Braided Earphone Replacement Upgrade Cable

  • Extraordinary Material
  • Improvement on Sound Quality
  • Wide Application
  • Soft Cable with Long-lasting life
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Sale price $30.59 USD Regular price $33.99 USD

Extraordinary Material.

Tripowin is a new creative brand in HiFi industry but it has accelerated years of experience in earphone accessories and earphones. Based on previous testing on the cables, we finally decided to adopt this silver copper coil coated braided cable. The technique is unique because the tinsel wire is manufactured by wrapping several strands of thin copper or copper foil around a textile core such as Kevlar. Because the conductor is very thin, its is extremely flexible.

Improvement on Sound Quality 

With this Tripowin cable, you can easily replace your cable with a upgraded one. It offers more choices for your hifi earbuds. The sound quality is improved to be more real, brighter and less distortion. The three frequencies can be more vivid through this cable.

Wide Application

This model is designed with several connectors and plugs that suit for most devices and earphones, even the high-end earbuds. The wide range of application makes it ideal for any replacement. Simply choose the right style for your devices. MMCX, 2PIN with 3 different plugs, pick anyone of them from your needs.

Soft Cable with Long-lasting life.

The cable adopts special braiding technique. It looks sophisticated but also elegant and neat in look. It feels soft and easily be stored without any tangling. The earhook is also pre-shaped into a best angle to fit your ear securely. You can wear it no matter you’re enjoying music quietly or doing sports.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRIPOWIN C8
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The TRIPOWIN C8 Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

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Worldwide Free Shipping

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
John R
good cable / bad copper oxidation

cable is very good ,got the version with mic ,also mic is very good
but after a few weeks of use i saw some copper oxidation which in time get worst,now my half cable is almost green.for that reason i will advise you not buy this item.

Hi there,

We understand the importance of a reliable cable, and we're committed to resolving this matter for you. Copper oxidation can occur due to various factors, and we would like to investigate the specific cause in your case. Here are some potential reasons for copper oxidation:

Environmental Factors: Exposure to moisture, humidity, or extreme temperatures can contribute to copper oxidation.

Storage: Improper storage in a damp or humid environment can accelerate the oxidation process. Ensure that the cable is stored in a dry and cool place when not in use.

Contact with Substances: Certain substances, like chemicals or oils, can hasten copper oxidation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Good company with helpful support

The support kindly helped me and send me a new cable as a replacement of a one with a faulty mic.
It took some time but they've managed sort it out.
I am pleased with the outcome.
The cable quality is good and the sound it deliver is satisfying as expected.

Great cable for the price

Looks extra fancy, soft and flexible. I recommend!


Good cable, feels nice, doesn't seem to have microphonics, or retain shape or tangle. Only concern is that it is quite heavy relative to some Iems.

Michael Walls
Balanced cables aren't just hype

I certainly thought they might be, but there is an increased clarity with this cable that is undeniable. Well made, robust, and kind of cool looking. This cable was an excellent upgrade.

Ruben Carvalho
Awesome cable

Very good quality. The cable is awesome and the mic quality is also very good even tough it picks up a bit of cable noise.


My first impressions after using this cable for around a month are good. It sounds good, and the microphone sound quality is very good, relative to similar inline mics. I can’t speak for the longevity as I haven’t used it for that long.



Kautuk Bhanji


Duncan S.
High quality cable

It's a good cable, not much else to say about it.

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