Tripowin Mele Fiter Kit

New 10mm Graphene Driver In-Ear Monitors

    Ultra-performance, Budget In-ear Monitor
    Proprietary Accutune Technology
    Durable and Elegant Housing
    Premium 4-core OCC Copper Cable
    Improved The Soundstage Depth, Resolution, and Detail Retrieval
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From the Community, For the Community

Tripowin has partnered with one of the legendary audio reviewers in the audiophile world, “Bad Guy, Good Audio Reviews” (also known as Hawaian Bad Boy), to develop the next ultra-performance, budget in-ear monitor that will shake the market. Tripowin has been producing some of the most popular audio products for international brands for years, and this technological knowhow, combined with HBB’s years of experience with thousands of HiFi audio products, has created the perfect storm - the Mele. Designed firstmost with the audiophile community in mind, Project Mele promises supreme audio performance and professional tuning at a budget price accessible by all. 

Proprietary Accutune Technology

he Mele utilizes a first of its kind Accutune dynamic driver. Designed by the Tripowin R&D team specifically for Project Mele, the Accutune driver features a premium 10mm graphene membrane suspended by a completely redesigned voice coil over a dual magnet system. Unlike typical dynamic drivers that rely on the earphone’s housing shape for tuning, the Accutune driver is designed with a precisely calculated acoustic cavity built into the driver itself, allowing us to achieve pin-point tuning accuracy. By being able to determine the sound of the driver irrespective of the housing shape, perfect left-right unit matching is now possible - a task that has been the pitfall for many manufacturers before. The capability to accurately customize the acoustic chamber of the driver has further given us the chance to dictate the specific technical properties of the sound, culminating in an extremely high-resolution and spacious sounding stagefeel. 

The Perfect Tuning

The Mele was tuned with the legendary BLON BL03 in retrospect. Once hailed for its incredible price-to-performance value, the BL03 took the global market by the storm. With help from HBB, the Mele takes a similar beloved sound signature, but with greater emphasis on the sub-bass for punchier kick drums and bass lines, slightly less mid-bass for a cleaner and more natural mid frequencies, and a more balanced treble transition. Most significantly, the utilization of our Accutune driver significantly enhances the technical performance from its predecessors, improving the soundstage depth, resolution, and detail retrieval. The Mele is the rebirth of a legend. 

Premium Housing Material

The final task of Project Mele was to combine an incredible sound in a housing that would be durable and elegant. We chose an extremely light yet durable 7 series aluminum alloy that has been precisely CNC milled. It is the same material and build process utilized in multi-thousand dollar in-ear monitors. Particular attention was placed in ergonomic design, with specific efforts placed into ensuring the nozzle length was suitable for a secure fit. The Mele is as comfortable as it is incredible to listen to. 

2-Pin Premium Cable

The Mele comes standard with 2-pin connectors that allow cable swapping. A premium 4-core OCC copper cable is included to bring out the best of Mele’s sounds.   

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tripowin Mele Fiter Kit
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Tripowin Mele Fiter Kit Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

10mm Graphane Dynamic Drivers with Dual Cavity
Rated Power
Max Power
30 mW
Frequency Response Range
10 Hz- 34 KHz
2-pin 0.78mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Juan jose Santana molina

Great item.... 💪💪💪💪

Paolo Camici
Nice, just great and happy customer throughout

Nice strong and sounding pair of iem (i have moondrop Aria, Tinhifi P1 plus, kz zax and not bad at all any of them) and i considered the Mele as a kindish "of Aria and all i know that i use more the Mele than the Aria probably for the bass, even though Aria have no bad issue with low frequency, I find Mele nice to hear and even fall asleep when i don't use the small and comfy, great Tin P1. Mele and Tin P1, i find, are the 2 "contrast" iem as their timbre and the kind music played in. each of them is completely the opposite sort of listening IEMS.
50€£$.. of course, without hesitation are a bargain and i will recommend either to keep as a 'collection' for bassy audio or even very good to wear with their excellent fit for long listening too as themids highs aren't fatiguing at all so you can enjoy for hours. And especially good are if you like subs bass guitars hip hop and electronic, Minimal trance style even though female voices are pretty smooth too to listen, indeed. Then, let's say it they are gorgeous looking with a nice tripowin silver 16 cores cable,(i use Zonie) as little jewel decoration without breaking the bank. I can't recommend enough, really...

Francisco Acosta Torres
Quite a sound achievement

Balanced and very natural sound. Very good quality for that price. A pleasure to have these wonderful IEMS.

Tripowin x HBB Mele

They not too bad for the money but not sure on how it’s tuned

Vidar van Amstel
Clogged filters

I have had to change the filters on this IEM three times within a week, condensation builds up on the super fine filter material and the sound almost disappears completely. Even letting them sit for a while after this happens the filters just stay clogged. Because of this the IEM is basically unusable. I have tried using it without filters but that just sounds bad. The sound of this IEM is good with a slightly more relaxed high end an a lot of bass, maybe a little bloated but very enjoyable if you like that kind of thing.

Tripowin Mele

Hi, After watching all the reviews on YouTube i did buy this in blue colour. These look awesome, feels great and fits comfortably 👍.
Regarding audio it is warm, v shaped and relaxed. U can wear them for hours with no fatigue and just keep listening.
Even though this is kind of a upgrade for blon 03. I myself would pick blon 03, because it has a little more enjoyable and energy in its tuning. And blon 03 fits bit better than this. But still mele is something special. Thanks HBB.

2 sets and a smile

Yes... I have 2 pairs. No issues listening for 4 hrs straight. Thanks Linsoul and X Hbb for this Gem.


Great sound and a great cable for the price. Plus they look amazing.

Jan Frøili
Tripowin x HBB Mele

They are lightweight and comfortable to use. Easy to tune the way you want it, with great bass if you need or like that.
All in all, they give a good feel of quality, but will not brake your wallet.

Value = great buy

Tero Dinh
HBB x Mele

I've beeen using them without EQ for 3 weeks and with EQ for 2 and the last 2 weeks have been amazing.

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