True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Module

    40 Hours Non-Stop Music Playback
    AAC/SBC Wireless High-definition HiFi Esperience
    Multi-touch Function, Waterproof and Sweatproof
    High Quality Bluetooth Chip Bluetooth 5.3 Fast Connection
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About TRN

TRN is a high-fidelity headphone company that focuses on bass. Most TRN products emphasize excitement in the low-frequency region. They hope to create multifunctional headphones that can effectively navigate rock, pop, symphony, and large weaving styles. TRN's latest product, TRN BT20xs, is a true wireless Bluetooth headphone module.

40 hours non-stop music playback

We all know that for Bluetooth earphones, battery capacity is one of the important criteria for evaluating their performance. If you use TB20xs, you don't have to worry about battery level issues at all. It can play music continuously for 40 hours. And it only weighs 8 grams, so your ears won't feel tired either.

High Quality bluetooth chip bluetooth 5.3 fast connection

Compared to Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth 5.3 has an effective coverage range of 15 meters. At the same time, it only takes 0 seconds to complete the switching action between the master and slave headphones. The latency of Bluetooth 5.2 is about 300 ms, while the Bluetooth 5.3 used in TB20xs reduces the latency to about 100 ms. In summary, this update to Bluetooth has greatly improved both the user experience and feedback on actual data.

Easy to have AAC/SBC wireless HD high fidelity experience

TB20xs has multiple headphone pin jacks, which is very convenient for IEMs. It enables you to have AAC/SBC wireless HD hi-fi experience very easily. You can easily turn a wired IEMs into a wireless HD hi-fi Bluetooth headset at any time and any place. It comes right out of your pocket when you need it and is ready to go right away.

With multiple touch functions and waterproof and sweatproof function

TB20xs has convenient touch buttons. It can complete five touch functions: "power on/off", "previous/next track", "answer/send a call", "enter pairing mode", "play/pause", making it very easy to operate and use. The soft material makes it very comfortable to wear, and it is also waterproof and sweat resistant.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN BT20 XS
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN BT20 XS Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Bluetooth Encoding
Bluetooth Format
Bluetooth 5.3
Effective Signal Range
Charging Port
Bluetooth Chipset
High Quality Bluetooth Chip
Battery Power Capacity
80mAh(per earpiece)
Charging Case Power Capacity
PlayBack Time
(Charging case + earpieces)
40 hours
13 hours when using both earpieces only
Charging Voltage
DC5V, 1A
Charging Time
(modules/charging case)

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Worldwide Free Shipping

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Everything works great.
However I am used to smaller cases that can easily fit in the pocket. The battery life is great, have only charged them the once when I received them 2 months ago, but would honestly prefer sacrificing it to make them a bit more portable. The case is quite thick.

Dimples for the earphones would be nice, as with my KZ ZS10 PRO's attached to the connectors, it feels like a tight fit and I fear damage with them breaking in my pocket. Hopefully will be okay going forward

Unreal Tyrannical
Very good (Worked with my Chu 2s)

Worked very well considering the price to cost. Had no issues with connectivity, sound was fine, and had long battery life.
The only downsides were the easy to press buttons, the inability to keep IEMs attached to the BT20 whilst putting it away, and the case was a bit too big height wise. (Perhaps make it more wide and less tall, have the ability to attach IEMs whilst charging in the case, and some slightly tougher buttons and it'd be 5 stars.)

Excellent and Affordable!

What a brilliant and affordable product! It converts my IEM into a somewhat TWS. Bluetooth connectivity is great. Noise floor is low/zero too.
However, it's really meant for smart phones instead of DAPs. It was way too loud on my DAP and I couldn't adjust the volume level. It's meant to be paired with Android/iOS phones. I have not tried out the call features but this isn't very important.
I'm just happy that my wired IEMs can now be converted into wireless IEMs now. It's extremely convenient and the sound quality is great.
I'll recommend this anyone who prefers wireless to wired IEMs or just wants something wireless.


so happy I got these. Now I can make all my iems portable and ditch the cables and usb c adapters. The sound and build quality are great. Bluetooth connection - instant, no glitches so far. The case is a bit of a monster in terms of the size, but on the upside it's 40 hours of play time.

Wade Figueira
Great Device

TRN BT20 XS is a great device, never run out of power during the day. Holder is small enough to fit in your pocket and holds additional charge.

John Smith
BT20XS review

Summary: Surprisingly great for the price, the battery life is impressive, the sound quality is good with some caveats. At the price I got them (around $20), they are a very very good deal.

I'vve been using the bt20xs from linsoul every day for around a month now.
I am using them with KZ EDX PRO in-ear monitors, because the KZ EDX PRO havve 16ohm impedence, making them better for a portable bluetooth device such as the bt20xs. I tried a couple of different IEMs, but the KZ-EDX PRO sounded the best.

The battery life is around 10 hours, but I am using bluetooth4 on an android phone right now.
Technically bluetooth 5 and 5.3 phones should have even longer battery life (also depends on the IEMs attached).

I use fiio music to listen to music and I found that at lower volume, the quality of the sound is lower when using BT20XS.
I used the equalizer in the phone app and put evevrything on the lowest, now the quality sounds much better at around 50%-70% volume.
I think this is partially because I'm on bluetooth4.

All in all, now it sounds great, I run with them every day. Totally worht the price and worth picking up.

The real test is ahead of the BT20XS: How does it handle winter
In the winter it gets as cold as -30C here and I still go running every day, so I'm interested to see if there are any issues I will face because of the cold.
For example using normal IEMs with wires in the cold is not good, because the wires become very fragile at -30C and break much more easily.
I'm hoping the battery does not take damage or run empty too fast with the cold and that the construction of the bt20xs won't become fragile with the cold.

Werner Kienberger
Another satisfied customer!

Great product, working without any hassle at all. Battery time is great. And the sound quality (with ZS 10 Pro) better than expected! For the low price (less than 20 Bucks) a real steal!

Rob Ash
Great product (0.78mm 2-pin)

Converts my IEM into viable Bluetooth option. Bluetooth 5.3 is excellent, I have no connectivity issues when using them. No audible issues, this adapter provides more than enough power to drive my IEM's. The customer service updates on my purchase was also very good, I was able to track my parcel from dispatch to delivery. I will be using Linsoul for future Audio purchases.

Value for money

Unfortunately there is no volume on the unit so you are maxed out with the source volume. Other than that it's a decent piece that gets the job done

Sophanna Ven
Good for the price

good for turning your iems into wireless

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