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Supreme Quality With Affordable Price.

TRN is always dedicated to offer the highest quality with the most affordable price. The new TRN T3 8 core silver braided cable is phenomenal. Each silver component consists of 8 core in total 96 strands. For the price and quality it will excel most products in the marketplace. The cable is suit for audiophile too as it’s high-fedelity

High Quality Material

The cable is made from high-strength Kevlar fiber which is more durable. The quality can not only be heard but also seen. With this cable, the sound is rich in detail and exquisite, full of analytical force. It can help restrict microphonics noise. It’s a great alternative cable for your earbuds

Hand Woven Technique.

Over the years, TRN has improved and learned a lot from previous braiding techniques, so here we have the hand-woven cable, tangle-free, lightweight and durable. This skill is not only functional but also neat in look. It feels soft and expensive too

Gilded Plug

The carbon-fiber encased insulator and gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack add more stability to this cable. The cable also adopts a Y shape design along with a chin-slider. It’s convenient to use

Preshaped Earhooks.

The cable is preshaped to fit your ears. It’s designed based on ergonomics. It ensues secure fit and long time wearing comfort. It can fully meet your requirements

TRN T3 Cable
Main Configurations
8 Cores, 96 Strands
Conductor Material
Cable Length
Plug type
MMCX /0.78mm/0.75mm
Blue marker indicates the LEFT; Red marker indicates the RIGHT
KZ AS10 ZS10 ZS6 ZS5 ZS4 ZS3 ZSA ED16 Earphones
-TIN T2 T3 T4 BGVP Shuoer UE900s SE215 SE425

Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terence UY
Short Cable

pretty decent build to be honest but cable is pretty short. Kind of annoying because you expect most cables to be at least 1.2 meters and this one clocks in at 1.1 meters so when i wear it across the body with my player in my pocket or my left hand the cable is pulled tight across my body. I'm not even tall or anything.

Great sounding cable or amazing placebo effect!

I generally don’t believe in huge differences in sound due to cables, but think they do play some role. I’m very impressed with these cables, and it makes sense if these are truly all-silver conductors. Everything sounds a little clearer, crisper, faster, and more well defined, including imaging. They seem well made, but not quite as good as the Tripowin C8. There is only a single strain relief at the plug end. For the price, I think this cable is very much worth it. I purchased the 3.5mm to mmcx cable from a different source, but since I like it so much, I purchased another one from Linsoul.

I admit, it could be just a placebo effect, but these cables are not a big investment, and thus shouldn’t bias my perception much. I really purchased these w/o any expectations, just curiosity.

For this price, what else could you ask for?

I know that some nerd at Audio Science Review or someplace will find some sort of irrelevantly minute measurement that paints these as somehow being subpar in performance, but I can't for the love of me ever hear any difference between cables. At this price though, what have I to lose in finally buying into silver cables? Silver is silver, so regardless of what some people will say about its wiring or the guage of the wires, at least I'm not getting scammed out of hundreds of dollars instead.
This overall appears to be a silver cable version of the TIN T3's stock cable (the naming is quite the coincidence, really). This means its quite a thick 8 core weave and so resists tangling, never unravels when you twist it, and overall just feels nicely supple. The chrome bits are a bit gaudy but they're pretty small, so it's nothing too bad. I will say that the carbon fiber bit on the plug isn't flush with the rest. Regardless though, I can't really fault this cable for any of its niggles when it gives you this much of a bargain over what other companies complacently charge an arm and a leg for. It's just worth it to reward companies that help make audio gear more accessible to everyone.

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