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Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor

Advanced Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver In-Ear Monitor

    Frequency Shift Technology
    Professional Driver Group
    Gorgeous Carbon Fiber Shells
    Excellent Copper and Silver-Plated Cable
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Progressive Frequency Shift Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver

The frequency shift piezoelectric bone conduction driver is a brand-new driver developed specifically for the hearing frequency range of human ears. To ensure our driver's performance, a conductive palladium slurry with high temperature resistance is applied to the vibrators, and a pure copper substrate is added on the top of a double-sided ceramic layer. The performance of our bone conduction driver was also optimized by adjusting the internal structure of the cavity. In this way, our driver is more stable and the vibration sense is more comfortable.

Frequency Shift Technology

The Multiverse Mentor features the frequency shift technology. The hearing frequency range of the human ear is usually 20-20000Hz, with low sensitivity to sounds below 20Hz and above 20 KHz. The frequency shift technology shifts the resonance point of the device to within 2OkHz. The overall sensitivity is significantly improved in the original application environment, and the sound within the 20 to 20000Hz range is mingled in a much more natural way.

Professional Driver Group

The UM Multiverse Mentor comes with an independent driver group consisting of four bass, two mids, two mid-treble, four treble, and one frequency shift bone conduction. 5-way crossover design gives each frequency range an independent driver group, with a distinct sound and rich details. In particular, the bone conduction driver has a new Frequency Shift technology, which allows for a more immersive listening experience. The specially designed bass driver mingled with the rigorous frequency gives The Multiverse Mentor a unique sound signature. In the repeated competition between innovation and experiment, we created one of the most characterized products.

Gorgeous Carbon Fiber Shells

The UM Multiverse Mentor comes with advanced aviation-grade carbon fiber shells, with delicate 3D curved Banksia seed faceplates, which are inlaid with an ink-blue ceramic inner frame. Each of the shells is the meticulous production by master craftsmen and the crystallization of wisdom and technology. With its delicate appearance and delicate touch, the shape conforms to ergonomic design, small housing, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Excellent Copper and Silver-Plated Cable

Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor features a high-quality soft polyvinyl chloride and similar nylon-coated cable. It characterizes four cores of 26AWG golden independent shielding cable from PW Audio, combined with 0.04mm outer wires to control sound through the entire response range.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Name
The Multiverse Mentor
Headphone Type
BA+ Frequency Shift Bone Conduction Driver
Driver Counts
12+1 Drivers
2-Pin Socket
@1KHz 114dB
Frequency Response Range
.5-Way Crossover
4 Bass Drivers + 2 Mids Drivers + 2 Mid-Treble Drivers + 4Treble Drivers + 1 Frequency Shift Bone Conduction Driver
Deep of universe Custom Cable

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