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What`s the difference with X3

xDuoo X3II is overall upgrading version based on X3, which has a good reputation in the past generation. It adopts IPS high-definition full-angle display screen with clear picture quality, and matches 7H hardness toughened glass to effectively prevent shaving. It supports most of the popular lossless audio formats and up to DSD128 high-definition sampling rate songs at 384 kHz/32 bit. This product has added Bi-directional 4.0 Bluetooth transmissions, can connect with Bluetooth headset, also connect with mobile phone Bluetooth for decoding to improve the sound quality of mobile phone. At the same time, the HIBY LINK function is also added, which can also be used to control the device through the mobile phone. The USB port also has the Bi-directional function, that is, it can output the USB audio & video, and can also connect the computer USB port as the USB DAC function, which greatly increases the playability. The product has a lot of fun and is worth owing.

Speak with chip

The professional-grade AK4490 is used as the DAC chip, only to make the music more realistic, the sound field more wider, and the resolving power more stronger, so you can feel the shock value of the HD sound quality! Adopt the HIFI chip OPA1652+LMH6643 from TI as power amplification, low distortion, low noise, rich details, and huge thrust.

Support the lossless audio formats

Support DSF, DFF, ISO suffix DSD audio format, up to DSD128 Support DXD, FLAC, APE, WAV, ALAC, AIFF lossless audio formats, up to 32Bit/384KHz Support MP3, AAC, WMA and other music formats Support CUE, M3U, M3U8 files Support album cover display as well as lyrics display

10 sections of EQ, 18 kinds of sound effects

Choose your own sound mode based on your own preferences. In addition to the common settings of audio adjustment, there are 10 custom EQs for you to adjust. The rational use of 10 professional equalizers only brings more pleasing sounds, thus alleviating the lack of the headphone frequency response and making music more balanced.

Bidirectional Bluetooth 4.0

Can be used as a sound source to transmit lossless Bluetooth music signals, connected with Bluetooth headphone, speakers or car player by turning into digital turntable to let you enjoy wireless restraint Can be connected with a Bluetooth of mobile phone by tuning into a Bluetooth decoder to solve the difficulty of finding music resources and let you enjoy HD sound quality while playing mobile phone.

Hiby Link function

Download HiBy music APP from mobile phone, connect HiBy with X3 II LINK, on which you can play songs, browse songs, adjust the volume, create a new file list and operate other functions, conveniently and quickly, without having to take out the player, you can operate X3II with your mobile phone which you can play safely, and users¡¯ experience is greatly improved.

Bidirectional USB port, USB DAC Function

Connecting to computer USB not only can copy songs, but also can be used as USB DAC decoding to improve the sound quality of computer output. It is ideal for listening to music and watching movies.

USB Audio Output Function

Support USB AUDIO output function Support DOP, D2P output mode, you can connect decoder as digital dial Support USB OTG to read and play music files form U disk.

In-car play mode

Support car play mode, through the connection with the car USB, X3II can follow the start of the car to start playing music and stop automatically when the car is off, provide your car Hi-Fi sound source, so that your car is also HIFI, and you can enjoy good music at any time while driving on the road..

256G TF Card Extension

By adding TF card to expand storage space, maximum support 256GB TF/Micro SD card, it can store about 6400 single lossless songs with 40MB, and make you daily listen to music freely.

High-grade Aluminum Alloy CNC Processing

The use of high-grade aluminum alloy with precision CNC Integrated processing molding, the adoption of sandblasting process for surface with both texture and hand feel, moderate body weight and excellent grip..

Inside the Box

  • 1 x xDuoo X3II
  • User Manual

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The xDuoo X3II Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

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Customer Reviews

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Mihael Turina
Punching above its weight

This player is amazing for its modest price. It has lots of really useful features, and it does almost everything it should. It has plenty of power (enough to comfortably drive Beyerdynamic DT 770 and DT 1990), the UI is simple and fast (although I do recommend upgrading to Sinux firmware), the build quality is great for such a cheap product (in fact, it's great regardless of the price), and it sounds great. It actually sounds almost as good as my Schiit Modius > Topping A90 chain with the DT 1990. That makes it a great portable DAC/amp for some more demanding headphones. I tested using it as a transport with the Modius, it worked as advertised. It also worked as a DAC for my PC, and I could use it as a USB drive in OTG mode. I also tested aptX transmission, which worked.

However, it has some issues. The noise floor is quite audible with IEMs, the Bluetooth connection isn't the best, and it sometimes glitches out and the screen stops working or the music stops playing, which requires a restart. I couldn't get music to play from my phone to the player, even though playing over Bluetooth to my TWS worked and HibyLink works with my phone. The EQ is only there to check a box, it sounds muddy and veiled in practice. The pre-applied screen protector is very soft and it got scratched up just from me putting the player into an empty pocket.

Overall, it's a great device to get some really impressive "hard" features for little money, but the compromise is the lack of a lot of "soft" features. If that's what you want, this is the perfect device for the money.

Josh D.

This player is capable of running open-source Rockbox firmware, but with either the stock firmware or with Rockbox, the player has a noise floor that is very apparent when paired with sensitive IEMs.

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