BQEYZ Autumn - Dual Cavity Dynamic Replaceable Tuning Earphone New Release at Linsoul Audio



BQEYZ just launched the latest IEM in their Four Seasons series - Autumn. 

BQEYZ Autumn uses a dual-cavity acoustic structure, 13mm full-frequency dynamic driver, the air pressure is effectively controlled, the amplitude of the diaphragm is increased, and the vertical soundstage is increased by about 50%, makes it competent for all types of music.


The main feature of the newly launched Autumn is its replaceable magnetic tuning. 

As the name implies, the process of the tuning on Autumn is by using a “tuning stick” magnetically hold the “tuner”, and then put the “tuner” on the corresponding position of the earphone. The process is very simple and you can understand it at a glance.



Three different magnet tuners are included : BASS, NORMAL and TREBLE, three tuners are equipped with different filters. By changing the amount of ventilation, the air pressure in the ear canal can be changed to obtain different sound experience. Meanwhile, the magnetic force of the tuner also allows the moving coil to obtain a double magnetic power to enhance the lateral soundstage of the earphone.

Bass: Suitable for warmermusic, such as electronic music, dance, DJ, symphony, lyrical oldies songs, and drums as nodes, etc.

Normal: Neutral and balanced. It’s suitable for POP, ACG and has a good performance in most kind of music types.

Treble: The vocals are slightly cooler, suitable for analytic listening or female vocals like the J-pop style of music.

Autumn is equipped with high-quality 4 core litz structure copper-silver mixed braided wire.

You can order your BQEYZ Autumn Here.

Linsoul Team

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