Linsoul Audio Double Eleven Sales and Giveaway 2021


Linsoul Audio Double Eleven Event and Giveaway

Greetings everyone! We hope you have been safe and healthy.

We know that many individuals have been patiently waiting for this - details on our 11.11 sale event! And yes, we are finally ready with the details here. Please kindly click the link and read everything in detail. 

The Gift Card Sales will start at 10AM on 5th Nov (GMT+8), and each individual is entitled to purchase only one Gift Card and use it only on one order during our 11.11 Event.
The 11.11 Event will take place from 9th - 12th Nov (GMT+8).

In addition to the campaigns prepared, we are doing a Giveaway before the main event. You may stand a chance to win our latest Tripowin H1 headphones, or a Linsoul Voucher which could be applied on any Linsoul products during our 11.11 event. The winner of the headphones will be selected by the end of November, and the winners of the vouchers will be selected before our event ends. The vouchers will be sent directly to the registered e-mail addresses of the winners.

To participate in this Giveaway, please follow the steps below:

Linsoul 11.11 Sale and Giveaway 2021

The 11.11 is a major sale event throughout the country. Thus, for orders placed during this sale, the processing time may take longer than usual, depending on the number of in-stocks available and orders received. We will try our best to ship out your orders as soon as possible. Once your parcel has been shipped out, you will receive the tracking link via your e-mail address. Thank you for your understanding in advance. 

- To participate in "Lucky Odds", no cancellation of orders is allowed during the sale period and only the first order placed during that period would be eligible.
- The promotion is only applicable to orders placed on during this sale.
- Gift Cards, gifts, and Bundle Deal products are available until they are out of stock.
- Shipping options may be limited to standard or express, depending on your location.
- The colour/connector/termination of the gift will be sent out randomly.
- The Store Credit gift will only be issued after this sale.
- The content, rules and deals of this page can change without prior notice.
- We reserve the right to cancel any order trying to exploit the coupon/reward system.

We look forward to starting the event next week.

Thank you all for your support.

Linsoul Team


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    Need a free earphone…🐸

  • Posted on by Isaac M Palacios

    just placed my order, i hope i did not miss any deals ordering 12 hours before 11/11

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