End of Linsoul 618 Mid-Year Festival Sales

End of Linsoul 618 Mid-Year Festival Sales

by En Deng on Jun 23, 2021

Thank you very much for supporting our 6.18 Mid-Year Festival Sales!

We have generally shipped out all in-stock orders, and have issued the refund and vouchers to all eligible winning orders. Please kindly check your spam/junk mailbox. For orders that have not been shipped out, your rewards will be processed after that. 

Next, the winning orders for our Lottery Number 6 have been selected too! *Drum rolls*

Aaron W. with Order Number XXXXXXXX876 (Winner of THIEAUDIO Excalibur)
Duc D. with Order Number XXXXXXXX966 (Winner of THIEAUDIO Oracle)

Congratulations to the two lucky winners! 

To claim your prize, please contact us (support@linsoul.com) using your registered e-mail address for Linsoul.com by 30th June, 2021 (GMT+8). All impersonation e-mails will be ignored. Warranty for prize items is covered only for manufacturing defect upon delivery. 

Last but not least, we are very grateful for everyone's support. We hope to launch more exciting events and amazing products. 

Stay safe and take care,
Linsoul Team


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