HarmonicDyne G200 New Release on Linsoul Audio

HarmonicDyne G200 New Release on Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Jun 08, 2022

HarmonicDyne G200

After all the attention and popularity of its predecessors Helios, Zeus and Poseidon, HarmonicDyne has launched a new planar magnetic driver full size headphone - the G200 - to give you music lovers an even better, more perfect sound.

The new G200 features a new custom 102mm planar magnetic driver with the industry's best performance in terms of boosting the quality and resolution of sound, specifically designed to enhance the response of the unit, with more convenient driveability, better technical specifications and a frequency response of 10 Hz to 45 kHz. The driver assembly utilizes an isokinetic magnetic field, featuring a high-density S+1 coil and double-sided high=pass magnetic tapes that causes the diaphragm to vibrate with excellent uniformity and reduces the total harmonic distortion from split vibrations. The use of a skeletonised semi-open acoustic structure will ensure a perfect sense of space. The new features described above result in an even more vibrant sound presentation.The G200 delivers the ultimate in sonic fluidity, with a level of tension and emotion that has never been achieved before, We are confident that music lovers and professionals with a high demand for sound will be overwhelmed by the sound of the G200.

In addition to higher performance and better sound performance, the G200 also has an even better appearance, with a fully handmade craft and a new semi-closed aluminium metal stand and a full carbon multi-layer carbon fibre headband making the headphones even better in terms of appearance and comfort, and the outstanding durability of carbon fibre ensuring the longevity of the headphones.

Moreover, the G200 comes with a customised copper and silver braided cable with litz construction to maximise signal transmission and enhance the acoustic properties of the headphones. The standard xlr connector and the xlr-4.4, xlr-6.35 and 4.4-3.5mm adapters allow you to seamlessly connect all your devices and enjoy your music wherever you are.

You can reserve your HarmonicDyne G200 here.

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