Kiwi Ears Melody New Release at Linsoul Audio

Kiwi Ears Melody New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Oct 16, 2023

Kiwi Ears Melody New Release at Linsoul Audio

 Hope you all have had a lovely holiday season full of wonderful memories, and in this autumnal time when everyone is getting back to the pace of work and study, Kiwi Ears introduces a brand new planar drive in-ear monitor to our music world - the Kiwi Ears Melody.

Melody features a newly developed 12mm planar driver, the R&D team took full advantage of the planar driver's very low distortion and supplemented it with unique tuning to give the Kiwi Ears Melody an inherent advantage in dynamics and sound information, with a translucent and pure sound, clear and detailed treble, low attenuation, and a smooth and natural sound. 

Kiwi Ears' remarkable sonic expertise also maximises the low-frequency quality of this planar driver, with very impressive bass dive, moderate overall bass volume and great resilience, and surprising low-frequency resolution and texture. The mid-high frequency band does not appear any muddy or dull, while maintaining a clean and clear, there is a certain warmth, also gives the melody very good musicality.  The high frequencies are vibrant and clear, with a fine texture and good airiness, and good extension after 10KHz. At the same time, due to the balanced force of the flat plate unit spread throughout the diaphragm, the dispersion of sound waves is diffused, in such a manner that gives the Melody a wide and expansive soundstage.

The Kiwi Ears Melody features the brand's signature aluminium silver matte faceplate in a simple yet elegant design. Complemented by an ergonomic and uniquely constructed 3d-printed cavity, the Melody delivers outstanding comfort while guaranteeing perfect sound presentation.

You can order your Kiwi Ears Melody Here.

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