September is here and Summer is ending. New products are available at Linsoul Audio. Gustard, Tangzu, TinHiFi T2 (2pin 0.78mm), Tripowin IEMs and More!

New Arrivals at Linsoul Audio—TinHiFi T2 (2-pin 0.78mm), Shanling UP4 2022, Gustard, TANGZU and More!

by En Deng on Sep 05, 2022

Greetings everyone!

A new month is here and we have new products at Linsoul. 🎉

The all-time popular TinHiFi T2 is back with a new connector type, 2pin 0.78mm

Constantly seeking ways to improve their DAC/AMPs, Shanling has returned with their latest Shanling UP4 2022, keeping their classic design but improving the battery life and other features. 

We are now an official dealer for a few new brands as well—GUSTARD and TANGZU. With this, you now have more DAC/AMP and IEM choices when you shop at Linsoul~ 🥳

Happy September!

Linsoul Team

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