New Arrivals at Linsoul Audio—TinHiFi T2 (2-pin 0.78mm), Shanling UP4 2022, Gustard, TANGZU and More!


Greetings everyone!

A new month is here and we have new products at Linsoul. 🎉

The all-time popular TinHiFi T2 is back with a new connector type, 2pin 0.78mm

Constantly seeking ways to improve their DAC/AMPs, Shanling has returned with their latest Shanling UP4 2022, keeping their classic design but improving the battery life and other features. 

We are now an official dealer for a few new brands as well—GUSTARD and TANGZU. With this, you now have more DAC/AMP and IEM choices when you shop at Linsoul~ 🥳

Happy September!

Linsoul Team

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