Open Audio Mercury: Latest Element Series Hybrid IEMs

Open Audio Mercury: Latest Element Series Hybrid IEMs

by Osamu Kann on Apr 16, 2022

Open Audio Mercury

We are pleased to bring you some of our thoughts about the Hybrid Drivers IEM from OpenAudio- MERCURY

In order to deliver a superior and high quality sound, the OpenAudio Mercury features a single-sided 5-unit call configuration, with a 9.2mm PU dynamic driver for the low end and four high quality custom BA units for the midrange and high frequencies respectively.

The Mercury features a refined and intricately crafted enclosure, with a chamber that is not only meticulously designed in terms of its ascending construction, but also offers a more elegant and attractive panel design in terms of aesthetic appearance.

OpenAudio's tuning of its flagship products has been well received, and the Mercury has been tuned by professional tuners to deliver a vivid and natural sounding machine; delivering very good resolution while providing a pleasing and musical vocal sound. With its unique and precise three-band crossover setting, the output signal distortion is at a new low. Ideal for audiophiles with high demands on sound quality.

Open Audio MercuryThe OpenAudio Mercury is matched with a high quality copper cable with 4 cores and 8 strands, providing the foundation for a perfect sound.

You can preorder your Mercury Here.



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