Raptgo Bridge Tribrid IEM New Release at Linsoul Audio

Raptgo Bridge Tribrid IEM New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on May 17, 2023

Raptgo Bridge

Today we are delighted to present the Raptgo Bridge, a new 2BA+2DD+PZT Tribrid In Ear Monitor from the Raptgo brand.

The Raptgo BRIDGE in-ear Tribrid Hi-Fi earphones combine leading-edge technology and innovative design, tailored to meet the needs of audiophiles and relaxed audiences alike, aiming for the perfect blend of sonic experience and versatility.

Like its namesake, the Bridge brings together three different types of driver through the use of two balanced armature (BA), two dynamic (DD) and one piezoelectric (PZT) driver. With a total of five drivers per side, the Bridge offers a fully integrated and coherent sound that is vibrant, detailed and natural. Not only does it provide raw and clear highs that illuminate every subtle detail. It also adds extra fullness and volume to the upper midrange, allowing for better consistency between driver types. A 10mm custom dynamic driver powers the punchy bass and rich low mids, with textures that add full depth and body to the instrument. Finally, a 10mm double-sided 12-layer PZT full-range driver brings an airy ambience and holographic soundstage that effectively improves perceived resolution and audio quality. All these drivers are painstakingly brought together through a four-way crossover network that accurately layers the instruments. Note that this PZT full-range driver uses Raptgo's proprietary SSCE (Sound Superposition Compensation Effect) technology, where the air-conduction driver is powered continuously with the PZT driver for more effective bone conduction. It allows you to experience bone conduction in its truest form. 

The Raptgo BRIDGE is equipped with 2 tuning switches, allowing you to adjust the sound profile to your liking. More than that, the Raptgo BRIDGE comes with three sets of interchangeable metal filters that offer different sound profiles.

The Raptgo BRIDGE come with a newly designed multifunctional storage box for storing the IEMs, cable, silicone tips and metal tuning filters. The case also features dedicated slots for third party adapters and cables. This design keeps your headphones safe and also allows you to take all your accessories with you wherever you go.

You can order your Raptgo Bridge from here

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