TANGZU x HBB Wu Heyday Edition New Release at Linsoul Audio

TANGZU x HBB Wu Heyday Edition New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Dec 22, 2022

TANGZU x HBB Wu Heyday Edition

Before we know it, it's a new year and a fresh start.
Today we present the latest release of Tangzu Audio's upgraded Wu Zetian earphone, a collaboration with the trusted HBB (HawaiiBadBoy from "Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews") to launch a new IEM - Wu Heyday Edition

As a brand heavily influenced by Chinese history, TANGZU's new earphone Wu Heyday continues to pay homage to China's only female emperor. Wu Zetian was the only female emperor of the Chinese Empire. She reigned during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and was one of the most influential and controversial monarchs in Chinese history. By naming the new headphones in this way, TANGZU intends to bring unprecedented sound performance to the community through 14.5mm planar drivers and finely tuned three frequencies. We believe that the Wu Zetian will surprisingly outperform its competitors.

Building on the original sound signature, this new model with variations in bass and treble has been developed in collaboration with industry renowned reviewer HBB. The tweaks and optimizations HBB has brought to the sound have made a huge difference to this new version of the IEM, giving the Wu Heyday an even more captivating sound signature than the original. To enhance the competitiveness of the planar battlefield, this time TANGZU has taken the Wu Heyday to a new level with an upgraded planar driver featuring a speaker with OCC connection cable. With 14.5mm planar drivers optimised for bass and high frequencies, these new headphones are a new take on the brand's quest for an overall musical but more neutral and balanced sound, with a thicker and more spacious character. And, thanks to the advantages of its excellent drivers, this new IEM has been improved in many technical details and resolutions.

One of the biggest improvements of the new model is the all-aluminium housing, machined using 5-axis high-precision CNC machines, which TANGZU has specifically designed to provide a perfect fit, excellent comfort and a pleasant listening experience at the same time. It is based on big data about the human ear, with precise calculations of the shell size to ensure the best wearing point for most people.

In addition, Wu Heyday has also upgraded its Upgraded 3-in-1 Detachable 4 Core Silver-plated Braided Cable to include a 3-in-1 detachable silver-plated cable to accommodate a wide range of devices while ensuring balanced sound performance.

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TANGZU x HBB Wu Heyday Edition here.

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