THIEAUDIO Prestige New Release at Linsoul Audio

THIEAUDIO Prestige New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Dec 22, 2022

Music lovers who have followed IEMs in recent years will be no stranger to the name THIEAUDIO, which has gone on an incredible journey from a group of unknown DIY enthusiasts to one of the world's most critically acclaimed IEM brands. In the pursuit of high fidelity audio, THIEAUDIO has become a staple brand in the global audiophile community, loved for its top-notch tuning, superior technical performance and affordable prices. After a successful series of Electrostatic Tribrid in ear monitors, THIEAUDIO brings out the new flagship of the line - THIEAUDIO Prestige.

Thieaudio Prestige

When it comes to the configuration of the Prestige, it is a tribri in-ear monitor featuring 4 electrostatic + 2 mid-treble balanced armature + 2 low-mid balanced armature + 10mm dynamic drivers.  This luxurious 9-driver configuration provides unparalleled reference-level sound. In addition to the novelty of the drivers used in the Prestige, its engineering and manufacture represent the pinnacle of innovation in the field. The Prestige offers an all-technology, no-gimmicks, true 5-way passive crossover network system. In a multi-driver loudspeaker or headphone system, the passive crossover allows a specific frequency range to be assigned to each corresponding driver. This allows each driver to present its own specifically manufactured sound, reducing overall harmonic distortion and allowing the audio engineer to adjust the tonal characteristics of the device.

As a result of sophisticated acoustic design, the Prestige ultimately presents a sound signature that is extremely close to that of a reference studio monitor. The overall sound is colourless and designed for stage and studio monitoring. With a flat midrange, the midrange is neither overly coloured nor boring, representing a true and natural tone. The bass presents excellent authority and powerful impact without detracting from the overall sound signature. The highlight of the Prestige is its treble and super treble extension, which offers a vented treble unlike anything we have produced to date. This extension allows every tiny detail to be heard, but still sounds natural to the ear as we focus on its extension rather than the peak volume treble. Using the all-important driver quality and our innovative 5-way crossover network allows for unparalleled audio resolution that rivals the world's best speakers and headphones.

The Prestige carries on and carries forward the spirit of exquisite craftsmanship of the THIEAUDIO brand, with each Prestige unit individually handcrafted by our dedicated engineers. The enclosure is made from 3D printed medical grade resin that is safe for the skin and durable. The enclosure construction is based on another flagship product, the V16 Divinity, which has become popular for its ergonomic fit and comfort during extended listening sessions. In addition, each panel of the Prestige is individually decorated and coated for a truly bespoke experience.

The Prestige's original cable not only retains the Litz construction of ultra-pure 6N OCC silver-plated and graphene-plated wire, but also has a slightly fleshier and richer sound thanks to the additional strands incorporated. Best of all, this new stock cable features a proprietary 'Smart Switch', a new modular plug design that allows you to choose between 4.4mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced terminations, simply by changing the plug end.

The first batch has all been sold out. You can pre-order your THIEAUDIO Prestige here.

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