Probably the largest portable audio festival is here at Sendai, Japan! THIEAUDIO will be there to showcase our latest lineup. See you there!

THIEAUDIO Will Attend Japan Portable Audio Festival 2022

by En Deng on Sep 09, 2022

Greetings everyone!

Fellow audiophiles in Japan, if you in Sendai tomorrow, please do drop by the 9th floor of EBeanS, as one of the world's major audio exhibitions, "Portafes", will be held there from 12pm to 6pm! 

THIEAUDIO, Linsoul's in-house brand, will be showcasing some of our latest products as well. 

For more information on the Portable Audio Festival 2022, please visit the webpage here

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance and have an amazing weekend ahead!

Linsoul Team

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