THIEAUDIO Wraith New Release on Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Jul 29, 2022


Back in 2019, when the THIEAUDIO brand was first established, we launched the Phantom, a revolutionary planar magnetic headphone whose excellent sound quality at an affordable price was recognised by professionals and music lovers alike. THIEAUDIO's commitment to new technology and relentless exploration of sound has been built up on all levels through the highly acclaimed Voyage, Legacy and Monarch series. For the past three years, the THIEAUDIO  team has been working on an even better planar magnetic driver, which defines a new balance of technical performance and beautiful tuning in terms of high specification, and after listening carefully to feedback from music lovers around the world, we present to you the new Precision Planar Magnetic Headphones - THIEAUDIO Wraith.

THIEAUDIO Wraith features a new, high-performance planar magnetic driver with a new German conductor film, a thinner magnetic plate with 1.5 times stronger magnetic fields and a new structural airflow design, making it not only more efficient but also more powerful at every interval of the frequency range. At the same time, the new 97mm planar driver, which is fully measured, assembled and adapted by hand, meets the most demanding acoustic accuracy requirements thanks to its unique innovations that significantly improve response and resolution. To get the optimal tonal balance for Wraith, our  R&D  team analysed hundreds of frequency response measurements on the headphones, and we generated a sound signature that is acoustically accurate at every frequency interval to meet the needs of professional audio engineers. In addition to this, we have further achieved accurate ear contour compensation that matches the perception of sound due to the curvature of the human ear, thus delivering a completely natural midrange and treble. In addition, the responsiveness of the planar magnetic driver delivers incredibly fast low frequency hits that are powerful and precise, with no fear of the bass and low midrange frequencies being muddled together. The Wraith's midrange band has a slightly warm, musical ambience, providing a pleasing sound that any music lover will enjoy while coming as close as possible to the tonal accuracy of studio monitors. Not only that, but the speed of our planar magnetic drivers and the open design deliver a very transparent and realistic soundstage, perfect for audio engineering needs.

In addition to the new drive units and tonal characteristics, Wraith also features a new head construction using a stainless steel frame coated with environmentally friendly microfibre padding. The entire structure is CNC machined for precision cutting and hand assembled. The new internal dual band design allows for a more even weight distribution across the head for a more comfortable listening experience even over longer durations. Featuring replaceable microfibre flannel ear cushions designed for isolation and breathable comfort, Wraith is your one-stop solution for perfect audio. In addition, the audio cables are interconnectable and replaceable, allowing for further customisation of sound and longer life.

You can order your THIEAUDIO Wraith here.

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  • Johnny_Silverglans
    Jul 29, 2022 at 23:03
    Bought blind, you’ve never let me down before Thieaudio…fingers crossed.

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