THOR Mjölnir MKII New Release on Linsoul Audio

THOR Mjölnir MKII New Release on Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Mar 31, 2022


THOR is launching the latest generation of the popular Mjölnir, the THOR Mjölnir MKII.

In line with its predecessor, the THOR Mjölnir MKII also uses a specially developed 12.56mm hybrid Fusion Diaphragm dynamic driver (DLC (diamond-like carbon), PEEK (polyetheretherketone), and PU (polyurethane) materials) to deliver unparalleled low frequency performance. The DLC’s stiffness was selected to produce an incredibly punchy sub-bass impact, while the PEEK’s incredible thinness and responsiveness allows smooth and detailed mid-frequency playback. PU is not often used as a standalone material, but in composite settings, can provide beautifully sparkly treble that is airy and refined, with the added benefits of being easily tunable. All of these components put together with an extremely powerful magnet capable of 1.6T of magnetic flux, the Mjölnir MKII makes for an exceptionally well-layered and coherent listening experience. With one of the most powerful bass response in the industry, the layers of separation between each instrument and frequency response still allows a refined and professional playback, suitable for stage bass guitarists and drummers. The Mjölnir MKII really delivers a dominant low-frequency feel, with the thickness, flesh and elasticity of the image perfectly expressed, while retaining maximum detail in the low frequencies, without clashing with the mid and high frequencies and without compromising the purity of the sound. The midrange and high frequencies have a very clear, sweet texture, with a partly guaranteed fullness of form and detail, allowing you to listen to instrumental music with a clear insight into every detail of the presentation.

THOR Mjölnir MKII is 3D printed with high-end materials, and has passed the cavity of precise acoustic adjustment. This design not only allows for pressure relief, but also allows the user to change the rear dampening level by switching out the apparatus. The bass response can thus be effectively tuned to the needs of the user. 

THOR Mjölnir MKII is equipped with high-quality silver-plated occ copper cable, which not only guarantees perfect sound presentation, but also eliminates the microphone effect. The cable is soft and comfortable and very easy to carry.

It should be noted that, like the first generation of products, due to the limitations of technology and high-quality materials, THOR is committed to presenting the best quality and sound to music lovers, so THOR Mjölnir MKII will also be launched in a limited edition, Hope you don't miss this opportunity, you can make your order Here.

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