May It Be A Good Month: TinHiFi T5 IEM Launch on Linsoul Audio


"[T]o bring Hi-Fi sound and quality to a more accessible price point."

Brief Overview
Within a short time span of only 4 years, TinHiFi (which is a good play of words with the meaning of "listen" [to] "HiFi"), is now an established company that is well-liked by many audio lovers. 

After years of using MMCX connectors for their earphones, TinHiFi drew the attention of many, by switching to using 2-pin 0.78mm connectors for their latest affordable TinHiFi T1 Plus (you may also read our in-house review).


Product Launch
In December 2020, TinHiFi announced the coming of their next latest release, the TinHiFi T5. Fast forward to May 2021, the T5 is finally available on Linsoul Audio, with an early-bird price of $109USD

This pre-order promotion will only last from today till 9th May, 2021 (GMT+8). The MSRP price is $129USD. You may pre-order yours at the promotional price here! We will be shipping out the orders sequentially from 10th May onwards

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