Tripowin Cencibel & Tripowin Rhombus New Release on Linsoul Audio

Tripowin Cencibel & Tripowin Rhombus New Release on Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Sep 06, 2022

Tripowin Cencibel & Tripowin Rhombus

As the holidays draw to a close and we return to our work and life, Tripowin, a brand that has always presented the most advanced technology and high quality sound standards at the right price, brings us two of their brand new IEMs: Tripowin CencibelTripowin Rhombus.

The Cencibel is a new single dynamic IEM with a newly developed first generation 9.8mm NCG (nano-carbon graphene) diaphragm, whose outstanding dynamic range and superior sound resolution across the full frequency range will be available to you in every throbbing. Its balanced and delicate tuning is just like the name, with the elegant and distinctive Spanish Cencibel wine grape, balanced and richly layered. The Cencibel is sure to bring a delicate and richly textured sound to music lovers.

In terms of design, the Cencibel is 3D printed and crafted to achieve the perfect channel matching for the purest sound; in addition, the chamber is designed with micro-notches along the inner wall of the driver chamber for some fine-tuning of the low frequencies to accentuate the texture of the sound. The ergonomic shape of the headphone chamber also ensures optimum wearing comfort.

The Rhombus is a new 1BA + 1DD Hybrid IEM featuring the American Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver and a new 10mm LCP/PU composite dynamic driver.

The Rhombus is specially designed for audio professionals and music lovers with a high demand for detail. The Knowles' latest supertweeter driver- 33518, capable of extreme detail retrieval with ease, plus Tripowin's new 10mm LCP/PU driver features a composite design with a liquid crystal polymer diaphragm layer as the dome and a polyurethane layer as the suspension edge. This new design achieves similar sonic uniformity to a single dynamic driver, but with the tonal distribution and character of a multi-driver setup.The tighter diaphragm tension of the LCP layer allows for incredibly fast and detailed midrange and treble playback, and combined with the powerful N52 magnet system in the headphones, the Rhombus produces a dynamic and rich musical experience similar to that of a loudspeaker.

The Rhombus features a new high-spec acoustic design designed to find the balance between musical enjoyment and monitoring precision. The new dynamic driver delivers an incredibly powerful subwoofer and a rich midrange with rich textures.  However, the midrange has also been carefully tamed so that it doesn't sound muddy or bloated. Thanks to the Knowles supertweeter balanced armature driver, the treble is well extended, yet still comfortable without any harsh frequencies.

The chamber of the Rhombus is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and cut using a 5-axis CNC machining process. Not only does it bring a unique design composition to the exterior (hence the name Rhombus), it also has separate chambers for the DD and BA armature drivers, ensuring that they fit perfectly, with each driver chamber connected at the central chamber before the nozzle to tonally blend the sound and eliminate unwanted harmonic resonances, thus bringing out the most accurate and original sound.

You can order your Tripowin Cencibel & Tripowin Rhombus here

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