Tripowin x HBB Olina Special Edition New Release at Linsoul Audio

Tripowin x HBB Olina Special Edition New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Sep 16, 2022

Tripowin x HBB Olina SE

The Tripowin x HBB Olina, a Tripowin and HBB collaboration, has been a highly regarded success with audiophiles worldwide in the short time since its launch. For the Olina, HBB (Hawaiian Bad Guy from "Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews") has used his years of experience and a large database of IEM frequency measurements to develop a balanced, clear and pleasing acoustic signature. This time they have teamed up again to present a new special edition version of the Olina - Tripowin x HBB Olina SE.

For this new edition, HBB has adjusted the tuning to reflect more of his insights into audio tuning research and improved the sound of the Olina. With a new sound signature and a sleek new design, the Olina SE improves on the heritage of the original Olina. At the same time the Olina SE features a second generation carbon nanotube (CNT) dynamic driver, which first appeared in the original Olina. This 10mm driver has been updated to enhance the diaphragm structure, particularly at the edge of the suspension, which increases the surface film tension for a faster response to the driver. The driver is capable of delivering a dynamic range of 10Hz to 40kHz for a full Hi-Fi listening experience.

The biggest update to the Olina SE is the improvement in tuning. Compared to the original Olina, the new CNT driver in the Olina SE has a greater bass effect, with a 3dB increase at 10Hz. this update significantly eliminates subwoofer attenuation and allows for a more powerful and robust subwoofer impact. In addition, the Olina SE's treble has been improved to eliminate spikes in vocals and high harmonic frequencies. This reflects a more natural treble response compared to the original Olina. Compared to the original Olina, listeners will appreciate the greater uniformity of higher frequencies without reduced detail retrieval.

The Olina SE features a new distinctive logo that reflects the Hawaiian roots of the HBB. This design has been etched directly into the aluminium panel that matches the aluminium housing. The entire aluminium case is finished in a smooth black anodised finish that is scratch resistant.

You can order your Tripowin x HBB Olina SE here. 

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