A Guide to Ordering Customised In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs) on Linsoul

by En Deng on Jan 12, 2021

Please kindly read the following steps:

1) E-mail or contact Linsoul Team on Discord/Linsoul’s website to check whether the CIEM requires physical ear moulds OR can it be done via 3D Scanning

2) Proceed to a local audiologist/store to get your ear impression done
- The impression must be taken just past the second bend of the ear canal
- If you are a performer/singer, you may have it done with your mouth open (i.e. using a 1 inch bite block)
- If you are purely using the CIEM for musical enjoyment, you may have it done with your mouth closed

3) Take photographs of your ear moulds from various angles (i.e. front, back, top, left, right) and send them to to seek approval

Here are some sample photographs kindly provided by @Lazyy on Discord.

Please do NOT cut the ear moulds after they are done.

4) For CIEMs that require physical ear moulds, the person-in-charge of e-mail will advise you the procedure for shipment

5) Once your ear impression has been approved, you may then visit our product page to search and order your CIEM

6) After selecting the relevant options, click "ADD TO CART":


7) If you have other requests, click "VIEW CART":

 8) Write them down under "NOTE”:

9) Proceed to checkout, make payment, e-mail your Order Number, and all done!

*Should you feel any discomfort after trying your CIEM for 3-5 days, inform us within 1 month after you receive it. A free re-fit service will be offered for the first time. We would also require a new set of your ear impression with the best fit again.

**After receiving your ear impression, it will generally take around 15-20 working days to ship out your CIEM. However, it may take a longer time, depending on the brand/model you select. Do reach out to us to clarify. Thank you.















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