• 2022 May Linsoul Earphones Reviews

    2022 May Linsoul Earphones Reviews
         "I find the Tin HiFi P1 Max to be a very good evolution of the planar in-ears by Tin HiFi. They fall more or less in line with their best-received earphones in terms of tuning, which I find quite a good thing. The P1 Max are comfortable, good-looking, well-built and very capable in terms of sound. They’re not perfect, as their bass...
  • RAPTGO HOOK-X Reviews

    RAPTGO HOOK-X Reviews
      "Suffice it to say, I am pretty astounded by the quality of the Raptgo Hook-X. Its sound signature is almost like catnip to me, with its spacious soundstage, depth, and rich response in a lot of frequency ranges across its spectrum. It performs far, far beyond its $239 price point, and immediately showcases its value as the absolute best open-back IEM currently available....
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