• 2022 July Linsoul Earphones Reviews

    2022 July Linsoul Earphones Reviews
    "If you like the planar sound or are curious why everyone keeps raving about it, this is one of the best ways to dip your toe in the water and walk away with an earphone you can be proud of. Its looks won’t be for everyone, but I, for one, love them. If you’re looking for an excellent pair of earphones that will impress...
  • 2022 May Linsoul Earphones Reviews

    2022 May Linsoul Earphones Reviews
         "I find the Tin HiFi P1 Max to be a very good evolution of the planar in-ears by Tin HiFi. They fall more or less in line with their best-received earphones in terms of tuning, which I find quite a good thing. The P1 Max are comfortable, good-looking, well-built and very capable in terms of sound. They’re not perfect, as their bass...
  • RAPTGO HOOK-X Reviews

    RAPTGO HOOK-X Reviews
      "Suffice it to say, I am pretty astounded by the quality of the Raptgo Hook-X. Its sound signature is almost like catnip to me, with its spacious soundstage, depth, and rich response in a lot of frequency ranges across its spectrum. It performs far, far beyond its $239 price point, and immediately showcases its value as the absolute best open-back IEM currently available....
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