2022 July Linsoul Earphones Reviews

2022 July Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on Aug 22, 2022

7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko

"If you like the planar sound or are curious why everyone keeps raving about it, this is one of the best ways to dip your toe in the water and walk away with an earphone you can be proud of. Its looks won’t be for everyone, but I, for one, love them. If you’re looking for an excellent pair of earphones that will impress you with their sound quality on a budget, give the 7Hz Dioko a try. It receives our full recommendation for music listening at this price point."


By Christopher Coke

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review 




"Raptgo most likely knew that the Hook-X will gather a lot of curiosity not just because of its novel concept but also for its charismatic midrange accompanied by a good amount of bass punch and slam."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              By Aldous

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review




"For the most part, the Elixir are a success, capturing the cohesiveness and smooth presentation that better single dynamic driver IEMs can produce. "

                                                                                                     By Trav Wilson

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review 

"The Elixir is wonderfully charming right out of the box and very much in the same leagues as class leaders as an overall package especially if you prefer a clean and articulate sound."

     By RYAN SOO

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review 




"Overall, I like the design and material quality of the Mjölnir MK2. It is a well-made, well-built in-ear monitor. The faceplate design is unique and looks very nice. I haven’t experienced any fit and comfort issues during my time with it, either. "


                                                                                          By YAGIZ

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review


"Transients are fast, details are aplenty and technicalities are great, too. From a non-acoustic perspective, the Thor Mjölnir MKII offer great comfort and superb isolation, together with a very likeable design. "


                                                                                          By Riccardo Robecchi

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review



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