Tripowin Leá Reviews

Tripowin Leá Reviews

by Kareena Tang on Mar 08, 2022


"Overall I feel quite positive about the Tripowin Lea.
They don't wow me, they don't do anything crazy new or notably different it's just good solid sound quality for the price.
If you only got 25 bucks to spend I have no problem recommending the Tripowin Lea"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By FlashAssassin
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"A solid neutral signature, pretty great technical performance, and a fit that most ears will have no trouble with (looking at BLON)."

By FelixTheFylax

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"I really like the Tripowin Lea and I've been recommending it to people looking for a budget IEM. I imagine that it will sell very well and I'm proud to say I own one."


                                                                                                             By zfJames

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"Overall this set has very balanced (not neutral) overall sound with decent credentials in all areas, but never really stuns. Which is a great thing to be at this price point. But at this point in my own audio journey, I’m seeking a wow-factor that the lea doesn’t really give me. It’s definitely a worthy rec for the budget bracket though. I haven't been buying in this price range for a while, but this is definitely a set I will rec to newcomers to the hobby."


                                                                                                           By Yaskueen

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