2024 March Linsoul Earphones Reviews

2024 March Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on Apr 22, 2024

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"The Yanyin Canon II is the successor to the original Yanyin Canon I reviewed back in 2022. It continues that IEM’s hybrid design and customizable tuning. It uses three balanced armatures and a dynamic driver and retails for $379, making it the most expensive IEM in this list. It also happens to be the best, so that’s fitting. It’s on the larger size but manages to be pretty comfortable despite that. The shells are made of medical resin and have hand painted faceplates that look quite nice. It also comes with a Litz braided graphene cable that matches the IEMs well.
Soundwise, I find these to be quite versatile. They offer powerful yet refined bass, a good soundstage (more deep than wide), and very good detail retrieval. With the toggles, you can dial in the body and impact you prefer while still enjoying its other strengths. The biggest challenge this IEM faces is the Thieaudio Hype 4, which is $20 more but better in every regard except for the switches. If you want the ability to hone in your low end or don’t want to reach into the $400 range, this is a good option. If you can stretch just a little bit, the Hype 4 is a very compelling alternative. "

     By Christopher Coke

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"The EM6L is lightweight and comfortable, and its passive noise isolation is among the best I’ve experienced. With a tight and clear sound delivery, exceptional bass definition, and superb imaging capabilities, the EM6L will certainly satisfy many listeners, whether they are gaming or enjoying music."



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" After some preliminary listening tests I found the P20 incredibly balanced with a more forward midrange and missing the lower midrange thruster power normally included with SHOZY tune. This slightly new tune is both refreshing and fully accomplished, even if a surprise turn-of-events. Such careful evenness and completeness go to make an IEM of such become polite in contrast to some of the other competitors. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            By Redcarmoose

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“After spending some time with the Shozy P20 planar IEM, I’ve come away impressed. Not only does it have excellent build quality, but it’s also comfortable for long listening sessions.

While it may not offer the utmost detail in its sound reproduction, I found its non-fatiguing presentation to be engaging and enjoyable. In terms of overall performance, it holds its own against other similarly priced IEMs, although there are some more affordable alternatives.”

By David Becker

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"The Topping D90 III Sabre is an excellent desktop DAC with a transparent sound signature in its digital-to-analog conversion process making it a great centerpiece due to its flexible feature set and preamp capability."

                                                                                              By Louis

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"With a meek price, HarmonicDyne Black Hole is good value, it is a solid headphone, comes with a good cable, and is an entry-level model I can recommend guilt-free to anyone who needs a semi open headphone, the sound, clarity and precision are all good for the price. The level of soundstage, and width Black Hole can provide is unique, and is magical even if comparing them to high-end models, so it is something to hear at least once in your life to understand what all those audiophiles mean when they say wide and holographic."


                                                                       By Audiophile Heaven

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