7HZ Aurora

1 DD+1 Planar +2 BA Audiophile IEM

Tribrid Driver Configuration: The Aurora boasts a tribrid driver configuration, optimizing a 12mm dynamic driver, two balanced armature drivers, and a 6mm planar driver for cohesive, high-quality sound across the spectrum.

12mm Composite Dynamic Driver: Explore the depths of sound with our newly developed 12mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver. Offering a wide frequency response and ultra-low distortion, this large dynamic driver ensures a rich, immersive audio experience with profound bass and pristine clarity.

Dual Balanced Armature Driver: Experience the perfect synergy of a custom-tuned midrange dual balanced armature driver, precisely developed for directional response. Paired with an accurate 3-way crossover circuit and the excellent cohesion between dynamic and planar drivers, it results in a smooth and flat frequency response curve.

Micro 6mm Planar Driver: Elevate your listening experience with the 6mm micro planar driver, delivering enhanced versatility, high-frequency detail, and an airy ambiance. Immerse yourself in a transparent and lifelike soundscape, where every nuance is captured with remarkable clarity and precision.