7hz i99 picture
7hz i99 picture
7hz i99 picture
7hz i99 picture
7hz i99 picture
7hz i99 picture

7HZ i99

Beryllium plated DLC Dynamic Driver Earphone

    Crystal clear smooth sound of diamond-like carbon
    Made of a single piece of meticulously carved stainless steel
    An Accessory Kit Fit for a King
    Sounds like sparkling crystals.
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7 Hz

7Hz was founded in 2018 as a team of engineers and audio enthusiasts who came together to test their skills in the realm of audio. By focusing on quality drivers and using precise circuitry design, 7Hz aims to deliver the most efficient setups that best shine the drivers’ natural abilities. 7Hz stands for the Theta Wave, a frequency that is often associated with meditation and harmony. All of 7Hz products reflect this ideal by taking you into a pure musical trance. 

Beryllium Dynamic Diaphragm

The 7Hz i99 combines the best of the modern dynamic driver technologies - the fast diaphragm response of beryllium and the crystal clear smooth sound of diamond-like carbon. Unlike most common Be diaphragms which are commonly spray coated, the i99 has electroplated Be unto the DLC driver, leading to a more effective display of beryllium’s true characteristics, and ultimately translating to a longer-lasting and purer sound. This innovative technique leads to a much faster diaphragm that better articulates details, and leads to a more powerful and impactful bass. The driver design further extends the dynamic range, causing the sound to be fuller and more comprehensive at every frequency. 

Be Driver, Diamond Housing

The 7Hz i99 housing reflects the beauty and elegance of diamond. Made of a single piece of meticulously carved stainless steel, the i99 is designed to be both durable, as well as increase the sonic focus of the sound by eliminating unwanted resonance. The i99 has been hand polished to shine brilliantly at every angle and is unlike any other earphone in the world. It simply is a stunning piece of jewelry that also sounds like sparkling crystals. 

An Accessory Kit Fit for a King

The 7Hz i99 comes with a hand-stitched leather case. With 9 different types of premium eartips, you can find the fit that is most comfortable and best sounding for you. The MMCX silver-plated OFC copper cable was made with newly designed connectors that are longer lasting and more durable than traditional MMCX connectors used in traditional earphones. 

Inside the Box

  • 1 x 7HZ i99
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The 7HZ i99 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

7HZ i99
13.8mm dynamic driver
Frequency response range
Distortion rate

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Customer Reviews

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Alejandro Cabral Santana
Just get one

This is one of the best headphones I’ve tried in a while, for a single driver it definitely sounds like a titan, 13.9mm ain’t joking, soundstage it’s not wide, but the depth it’s magnificent

Bass it’s detailed and blunt but not in a way that covers the whole spectrum, it actually has an amazing position, mids are quite something... I’m listening to it while writing this, I’m in awe with this pair. For the price is a bargain

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