7HZ Legato

2DD HiFi In Ear Monitor Dual Dynamic Driver Earphone IEM with N52 Magnet, CNC Aluminum Case, Detachable OCC 0.78mm 2Pin Cable for Audiophile Musician DJ
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12mm Woofer Driver+6mm Tweeter/Midrange Driver for a Dual Dynamic Driver setup.

Unique Crossover, with 8 Japan-made Audio-grade Tantalum Capacitors.

2-pin 0.78mm OCC+Silver-plated OCC Detachable Cable.

CNC Aviation-grade Aluminum Case, a highly durable and ergonomic material.

12mm Woofer Driver+6mm Tweeter/Midrange Driver

The 7HZ Legato is dual dynamic driver IEM that combines the benefits of a high fidelity sound with class-leading performance. The 12mm woofer driver adopts a customized multi-layer composite diaphragm and powerful N52 magnet for that bold, bodied and punchy bass with deep rumble. While the newly-developed 6mm tweeter/midrange driver adopts a double-cavity structure, a custom-made metal diaphragm with high-rigidity and low mass for exceptional treble performance. It is a powerful driver configuration as well as brilliant

CNC Aviation-grade Aluminum Case

The 7HZ Legato features aviation-grade Aluminum case via CNC process to provide a precise fitting. The threaded pattern on the faceplate keeps the earphones away from fingertips and decorates it with modernity. Designed based on ergonomics and using high precision measurements, 7HZ Legato provides both comfortability and durability in wearing experience.

Unique Crossover, Audio-grade Tantalum Capacitors

Driven by bringing better details, tonality and sound experience to users, the 7HZ Legato includes a unique crossover design along with 8 Japan-made audio-grade Tantalum capacitors to provide high precision stable performance. The unique crossover is specially-developed in accordance with the characteristics of the dynamic drivers. Combined with the advanced crossover technology and capacitors, the 7HZ Legato earphone surely delivers HiFi sound that is enjoyable to your ears.

OCC+Silver-plated OCC Detachable Cable

The heart and soul of a earphone is the cable. High-quality materials and care are combined for Legato to deliver an optimal listening experience. It features a detachable silver-plated OCC+OCC cable. The detachable also feature allows you to freely choose your preferred cable configuration, so you can have simplicity and flexibility with music players and get perfect sound experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x 7HZ Legato
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The 7HZ Legato Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details




12mm and 6mm dynamic drivers


Fourth-generation DLC composite diaphragm





Frequency response





OCC+silver-plated OCC


0.78mm 2-pin

Case Material

CNC aviation-grade Aluminum

$109.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Daniel Norrby
Bass heavy, warm but musical

I liked it from the beginning.
It has a warm, relaxed tuning.
Somewhat bleeding into the mids but I don't mind it when listening to double bass in jazz music. It sound very good then. I like the comfort, the accessories and the quality of the shells which are made of metal.

It's a very good set of you at looking for lots of warm cosy bass with no listening fatigue. But keep in mind, you will be disappointed if you are looking for an airy and very resolving set.

Headstage is quite expansive for this type of tuning. I was surprised by how 7Hz achieved this. The only thing I do miss is a touch of brilliance and Ir in the upper mids/treble. Otherwise it's a lovely set. Highly recommended.

Huge Bass - Good Fun

A Niche IEM for your collection. Lots of fun but not for critical listening. Could have had a bit more in the upper middle and treble region but if you love Bass, you'll enjoy it..

Raymond Mo
I love Bass

I prefer these over the Timeless. Although better in resolution in detail, the Timeless was lacking in that thumpy, full bass that I was wanting, despite using EQ with a large bass boost. These deliver on that very well. Hell, I might be a crazy basshead, as I *still* use a bass boost EQ on these bad boys; and the Legatos are able to handle it without much distortion. Soundstage is "wide" in a sense that it sounds "wide" within its little soundstage if that makes sense. It tends to focus on width (left and right) rather than being forward and in front of you, which was off putting for me with the first couple of listens. I've gotten used to it now and at times even prefer this type of soundstage, but I do wish it was a bit more closer and forward. This width also results in the vocals sounding recessed, especially at lower volumes. However, with more power & volume, vocals do start to sound "normal", you'll just have to find that golden point. Unfortunately that point for me is a bit too loud for my liking, so I trade the recessed vocals for the bigger bass. Overall: bass big, mids and highs decent.

Daniel Anderson
Basshead wet dream

The 7HZ Legato fulfils a niche and emphasizes on it. Having what's technically a sub-woofer in a iem, you'd expect the punch and hit of a sub-woofer which it sticks to delivering a heavy bass which surprisingly doesn't ruin the mids and highs. It's not for everyone but if you like bass theses deliver.

Canal Fabinho Tech
Fone de Ótima qualidade e SUPER Graves!!

Os fones tem uma construção muito bonita e de ótima qualidade, com cabos super reforçados que não embaraçam, e são super confortáveis para ouvir musicas por várias horas seguidas. A qualidade sonora é bem encorpada, com graves SUPER POTENTES, médios e agudos presentes, mas o grande destaque fica por conta de seus graves potentes. Review completo no Canal Fabinho Tech

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Obed Boaz Sanchez

The 7hz Legato is, by far, one of the most fun IEMs that I've tried for the price. It combines a thick, booming bass akin to old boombox stereo speakers with a respectably sparkly and technical ability.

While I do have my gripes, particularly with the unecessary peak in the treble, the somewhat awkwardly large nozzle and the coloration to the midrange, this is an extremely unique set that, if you're looking for a fun experience, is highly recommended.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
7Hz Legato: The Bass Bringer

The Bass Bringer

This is my first product review from 7Hz and my second encounter on dual DD IEMs after QKZ X HBB Khan. This time, 7Hz takes a different approach on tuning that separates them from their competitors. Will they be able to succeed in their endeavour?


△ A solid, high quality aircraft-grade aluminium alloy shell chassis.
△ Good quality and quantity inclusions
△ That large, hard-bound, zippered IEM case.
△ An added extra filters is actually good gesture from 7Hz for the longevity of their sets.
△ Hard-hitting, tactile and boomy bass response that bass heads will truly appreciate.
△ Good power scaling capability.
△ Warm and sufficiently dense note weight in some parts of frequency range spectrum.
△ Smooth and non-aggressive treble response that devoid of any possible occurrences of sibilance or harshness.


▽ Noticeable bass bleeds across frequency range that affects the overall sound quality.
▽ Recession on some part of midrange region that impacts the tonal and timbre quality of some types of female vocals and even instruments.
▽ Treble quality is a bit smooth and subdued in my liking as it quite inadequate of being crisp and sparkling.
▽ It has a mediocre technical performance.

For more information, check the link below:


Nguyen Manh Cuong

The design is my favourite: build quality is extremely durable and surprisingly light despite the metallic design. The cable design is really good but the stickiness of the sleeve will reduce over time.
The box is unnecessarily huge, the soft extra layer is somewhat useless consider the iems’ durability. the box can also fit my other stuffs like my iphone 12 mini, power bank, adapters, keys, etc. So I think it is a pros :D.

The bass is immense, which result from the cable, ear tips, and the drivers.
For bass lover, it seems ideal, but for me, I prefer the neutral tuning.
Also, in order for the iems to sound at their best, you might need an amplifier or use it at high volume level, which why I don’t highly recommend these iems.
Lastly, my experiences using this iem is good. It has good control, the range is just enough, decent upper mid and treble. however, the stock cable is not the my favourite choice for sound quality. The appearance is the best among 7hz’s iems. For this price, the iem is really good but can’t compared to other 7hz’s iconics.

Yuri Brus
Highly recommended!

Absolutely thrilled with my 7HZ Legato in-ear monitors! The powerful bass and immersive soundstage create a truly captivating listening experience. The vocals are clear and the overall sound quality is impressive. The build quality is top-notch, with the CNC aviation-grade aluminum shells exuding durability and style. The included 7 pairs of ear tips ensure a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. Highly recommended!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

Great bass (and lots of it) which is the point of this set but thanks too the extra DD, the rest of the frequency spectrum isn't left out and makes the 7Hz Legato more versatile.

For a but of context I mostly listen to metal and electronic stuff. It's good enough for the former and great for the latter.

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