7HZ Sonus

1DD+1BA Hybrid IEM

  • Flawless Integration of Technology
  • Precision Unleashed
  • Inspired by Nature’s Harmonious Design
  • Artistry in Ergonomic Construction
  • Upgraded Detachable Cable
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Flawless Integration of Technology

The 7Hz Sonus was meticulously designed around a single balanced armature (BA) driver combined with a powerful dynamic driver (DD). The difficulty in many hybrid IEM’s is achieving a continuous and uniform sound. The Sonus focused on achieving the perfect singularity to mitigate this issue. With careful acoustic and electrical engineering, the Sonus achieves a coherent union of the BA and DD drivers. This means that in timbre, tonality, and technicalities the sound is completely synergistic across the whole frequency spectrum, revealing layers of audio nuances in every note.

Precision Unleashed

The 7Hz Sonus boasts a complete coverage of the full frequency spectrum, from 10Hz to 20,000Hz. This mean every audible note and micro details are captured and faithfully reproduced to your ears. The deep-reaching lows also means drums and bass lines are powerfully delivered, resulting in the most resounding bass impact and speed. With a remarkable total harmonic distortion (THD) of under 1%, the 7Hz Sonus combines delicate details with a strong bass presence.

Inspired by Nature’s Harmonious Design

The 7Hz Sonus was conceived from inspirations from the symphonies within the natural world. If you listen carefully to the natural beauties of the outdoors, you can hear the music of nature, filled with both melodies and harmonies. The Sonus encapsulates this beauty by bridging art and science. Like the layers of leaves in a forest, the combination of the BA and DD drivers provides rich layering in the music, allowing every note to be heard.

Artistry in Ergonomic Construction

The 7Hz Sonus is designed for long comfortable listening sessions. The front chamber is composed of medical-grade materials that optimize sound propagation as well as a safe contact point for your skin. The back is composed of aviation-grade lightweight aluminum, which makes for a durable, yet light casing. The shape of the Sonus is precision designed and made by molding around models of the human ear canal. All of this means you can enjoy listening to the Sonus without even thinking about the fit and comfort.

Upgraded Detachable Cable

The Sonus comes standard with a high-quality silver-plated OCC cable. This custom designed cable is composed of 49 wires per core, woven in a 4-core structure. The cable is light and comfortable, while maximizing audio transmission for a crystal clear sound. Furthermore, the cable is detachable, allowing for custom matching with other cables, as well as ensuring longevity of the IEM.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x 7HZ Sonus
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The 7HZ Sonus Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Response
0.78mm 2Pin
medical-grade material front chamber + aviation-grade aluminum back chamber
Cable Material
high-end silver-plated OCC cable (49 wires per core, 4 cores braided cable)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
harvey schaffner
They are not worth $79

These are just okay IEMs. There are so many just okay IEM's that one should wait and save their money to purchase more expensive better-quality IEM's.

David C
Excellent IEMs

Excellent pair for the price. Superb build quality and excellent sound. This was actually my second pair.

은별 이
Gear with good sound quality and great value for money

These are good low-priced in-ears that take advantage of good quality and the advantages of a hybrid.
It's also great for professional musicians to use without feeling burdened.

Good For Starters

The 7HZ Sonus comes with a complete packaging, with a variety of ear tips, carry pouch, and even extra filters.
If you want a full package, this may be a good option.
However, based on my personal preferences, while the tuning isn't offensive or noticeably flawed, it isn't special enough. It is good, not amazing. Female vocals on some songs can sound fatiguing over time as well.
Therefore, I'd give 4 stars instead of 5. 7HZ is a good company and I have higher expectations from their earphones.

Critica Actual (Youtube)
A complete neutral all ROUNDER.

Good product.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Inexpensive but great sound and product components

It expresses incredible sound detail for the price of $59. It also comes with great eartips and an earphone bag.

This sound really makes me think of it as a representative 7Hz entry earphone.

Reference but fun sound!

Excellent mid Centric Iem lovely vocals!

Wonderful for their price range, exceptional construction, the cable is unique and wonderful, being flat it never gets tangled, An Iem that I like is excellent for listening focused on vocals, and they also have a very pleasant and warm bass, to make a comparison, they taste a lot like the 7hz Zero, but better, With that increase in the sub and mid bass that many people asked for from the Zero, recommended! You can check my Review in Spanish on YouTube "NAER"

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Excellent products that meet both price and quality

I didn't expect this product to produce such a satisfying sound. But I realized it's a good monitoring earphone that covers both high and low tones.

Bruno Barbagli

7HZ Sonus

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