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Aune X5S
Linsoul Aune X5S
Linsoul Aune X5S
Linsoul Aune X5S

Aune X5S 6th Anniversary

6th Anniversary version with Bluetooth
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Focused·FPGA·Muti- Function

 The X5s 6th Anniversary Edition is the third generation of the aune X5 series. With the freescale 600M processor, a hardware decoding system and the third generation FPGA asynchronous technology, it is a multi-functional digital music player/ transport that purely focuses on sound quality

Hardware Decoding

Decodes PCM and dSd based on hardware, up to 384k/DSD256 Supports CUE playback

As A Digital transport with Ultra low jitter

The aune self-developed algorithm FPGA outputs ultra low jitter digital signals( Coaxial /Optical /AES), as low as 237.6 ps. Coaxial output supports DSD128 32bit/384k

Coaxial Output Supports 32bit/384 DSD128

The X5s 6th Anniversary Edition, which uses FPGA asynchronous digital output, together with the X8 DAC (uses self-developed algorithm FPGA)or the S6 Pro DAC/headphone amplifier, can build a small music player system that can achieve DSD128 and 32bit/384k without a PC

Capable and Focused

With the pure underlying system that took 6 years to complete, the dac part is more direct and effi cient, delivers authentic sounds with better quality

Better processor, better performance

 From the 1 st gen X5's 80MHz processor, to the 2nd gen X5s 180MHz processor, to the newest 3 gen X5s 6th Anniversary Editions 600MHz processor, the X5 series performance grows better and etter. The fast booting and response is more satisfying than ever

Bluetooth Asynchronous FPGA Asynchronous Technology Transport/DAC (Bluetooth Edition only)

The X5s 6th Anniversary Bluetooth Edition supports master-tape-level music fle playback, high-definition Bluetooth receiving and Bluetooth launch. Play music files from your smart- hone on the X5s 6th Anniversary Bluetooth Edition, it will become a digital transport with Bluetooth asynchronous FPGa technology. It has outputs of AES, coaxial, optical and line out

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Aune X5S 6th Anniversary
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Aune X5S 6th Anniversary Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

16bit/44.1k 1kHz/0d 24bt/96k 1kHz/0dB 24bit/192k 1kHz/0dB
Frequency response(20HZ-20kHz)
Output level
2.0 Vrms
16bt24btl32bt-44k/48k/882k/96k/1764k/192k/384 k level 0-8
16bit /44.1k extra high
SD card (exFAD) USB flash drive/ portable hard drive( maximun 2TB )
Digital output
Coaxial /Optical /AES
Line output
Power adapter, remote control

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Customer Reviews

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Regardt Van der merwe
Aune x5s 6th anniversary

Great product.Popped in a SD card with music and started playing. Only gripe was the menu being in Chinese and after some menu browsing managaed to change it.

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