CCA CKX hybrid driver earphones
CCA CKX hybrid driver earphones
CCA CKX hybrid driver earphones
CCA CKX hybrid driver earphones


1DD+6BA Hybrid Driver In-ear Earphones

    10mm coaxial composite dynamic driver for mids and lows
    Go with the high-grade Zinc alloy materia
    Acoustic Tuning&Balanced Three Frequency
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1DD+6BA Hybrid Driver Earphone

The newly released CCA CKX hybrid driver earphones has fully present the potential of each driver with its specially selected configuration. We have 30017BA for mids and highs, 30095BA for high frequency and 10mm coaxial composite dynamic driver for mids and lows. The extraordinary sound will beyond your expectation.

Zinc Alloy Shell-Build Quality

For this model, we go with the high-grade Zinc alloy material which is made with professional five-axis CNC engraving, hand-grinding, polishing and sandblasting. The shell is not only well-build but also embraces the simplism. Black and silver neat color represents the modern classic industrial world aesthetics

Acoustic Tuning&Balanced Three Frequency

After times of adjustment, you will explore a satisfying tuning in CCA CKX. The three frequencies are delicate and smooth with powerful vocal and strong compatibility with a variety of musical styles. Feel free to enjoy a submerged bass, detailed and transparent mids and flexible highs.

As Ergonomic As Usual

Based on ergonomics, CCA CKX made the curves of the shell to fit your ear as much as possible. The special designed shape can not only isolate the noise but also offers better positioning while playing games. Stable and comfortable to wear

Pre-shaped Earhook&Detachable OFC Cable

The cable comes with a pre-shaped earhook to wear over your ear securely. Detachable cable ensures fully upgradeability in the future. You can change it into your preferred cable or a new one, just as you wish!

Inside the Box

  • 1 x CCA CKX
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The CCA CKX Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-30017 balanced armatures
-30095 balanced armatures
-10mm coaxial composite dynamic driver
Frequency response range
Wire length
Plug type
3.5mm gold-plated
Pin type
recessed 2Pin 0.75mm gold-plated

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ramon Figueroa
Sound tin-y and dont seal good

Go for the CCA CA16 instead imo seal better so dont sound so tin-y and airy also they are like 10 dollars cheaper. Maybe if you eq them but idunno.


Sound, size, fit is great and solid 👍🏻

Declan Edmonds
$70 IEM outperforms $4,000 monitors

These small IEM’s are capable of out performing some professional $4,000+ studio monitors for mixing, and mastering. With a small amount of EQ correction to make the frequency response more ‘flat’ the accuracy, transient response, detail & overall performance of these things are at such a high level you could use the solely to create studio level mixes, and masters.
The 6 BA help achieve this.

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