6.8mm Electrostatic Driver+10mm Dynamic Driver HiFi IEM

    The New Combination & Innovation of Electrostatic + Dynamic
    High-Frequency Extraordinary Performance
    Zinc Alloy&Medical Grade Resin Shell
    Detachable 2Pin Double Line Silver-plated Cable
    Ergonomic Design
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Extraordinary Performance of Electrostatic Technology

NRA adopts a 6.8mm speaker, with electret technology, the changes between two electrode plates create the electrostatic, it phonates under the electrostatic driver. Benefits from the high-density sounds and Hi-Res audio performance of the electrostatic, sensitive and outstanding performance for 20khz high frequency even better performance than a balanced armature, showing a better vocal resonance, and louder & clearer sounds performance.

The New Combination & Innovation of Electrostatic + Dynamic

NRA takes the stable advantage of the Low-voltage electrostatic, combining with 3 magnetic dynamics, makes up for the low-frequency output limitation, all three frequencies achieve the balanced and perfect performance. Diaphragm thinner, sound density better, Hi-Res stronger, and music distortion rate lower. It's easy to enjoy the HiFi audio with NRA.

20kHz High-Frequency Extraordinary Performance

Regarding 20kHz high frequency, CCA NRA is more sensitive than balanced armature because electrostatic driver is born with high density and better ability to restore details. NRA is a earphone with transparent instrument and sweet clear vocal, one of the rare in-ear monitor to illustrate female voice so well

Zinc Alloy&Medical Grade Resin Shell&Ergonomic Design

NRA adopts complex craftsmanship zinc alloy faceplate with the transparent resin earphone shell for an exquisite look. Throughout ergonomic design concept perfectly fits ear canals, providing ultimate secure fit and comfort. Moreover, custom shape also effectively isolate the noise to 26dB. You are able to better enjoy the music

B Detachable 2Pin Double Line Silver-plated Cable

Silver-plated layer enhances hi-res performance to be better,reduce the loss during transmission. the new type double line parallel cable has lower impedance, effectively prevents winding, and reduces pulling, so it is more durable and has a longer usage life. The standard 0.75mm gold-plated pins are compatible with a variety of 2pin standard upgrade cables.

One Button To Control Phone

-Answer The Call: Short Press
-Hang Up: Press Again
-Reject The Call: Long Press
-Pause/Play Music: Short Press
-Next Song: Double Press 2 Times
-Previous Song: Press 3 Times

Inside the Box

  • 1 x CCA NRA
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The CCA NRA Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

1 Electrostatic drive units+ 1 Dynamic Driver(with 3 magnet)
20HZ- 40kHz
Plug Type
Pin Type
0.75mm 2pin
Double line silver-plated cable
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Emmett Whyte

Great product well built sound good for the price good buy recommended

Krystian Kamil Grupa
Imperfect but at a good price

Very relaxing pair of IEMs, but the lack of detail sometimes can be a bit annoying, this is not that important tho, as the earphones perform very well for the price and have a interesting tuning that can really work well for some songs, 20$ is a very good price all things in mind

Katherine Lovewell


Byron Melnik
Why are there not a million positive reviews on these?

Bought these during the Christmas sale here for dirt cheap. I thought, why not? They're about $20. Silly me that I didn't notice that these monsters pack an electrostatic! Got them, didn't even attempt to break them in. With an upgraded Linsoul cable, I plugged them into my Pioneer XDP-30R and fired up some Gordon Lightfoot. Yeah, I'm that old. Let me give you a warning: these IEMs will ruin you. They will make you look at your other IEMs and wonder if you really need them. The Pioneer is a warmer and just a little softer amp so when Canadian Railway Trilogy began, I had to stop and remember to breathe. Gordon's guitar seemed like he was right infront of me. His vocals were stage front and smacked you right in the face. These IEM's focus on the mids but let me also tell you about the sub frequencies. Powerful. Not in a 1991 Honda CRX with four 12's and 1k wattage bass, but bass that satisfies. Low and quick. When that 808 hits, your brain will smile. When that double kick drum gets going, you might get the cold chills. Details are superb. On 'Christoph's Dream' by David Lang, when he depresses a key on the piano, I can hear the key bottom out on the key tray. With guitar tracks like those on the Indigo Girls self titled album, 'Secure Yourself" and 'Blood and Fire' just come to life. You can hear little nuances between Amy and Emily's guitars. Imaging is excellent while soundstage is very good. Negatives? If your amplification is too clean and clinical, these will be way too bright and fatiguing. on my SMSL VMV VA-2, they can cut glass. In my opinion, $22 is a no brainer. Buy them now!

Sophanna Ven
I have them on right now!

These iems sounds great, bassy and highs and great another great budget IEM you should not pass on

Nathan Longenecker
Don't work

The units would not turn on. Linsoul ask me to videotape the unit's not working. Not sure how to video tape iem's not turning on. Customer service is horrible. Not all of us a crooks. Linsoul needs to do vetter at helping the honest people

Great except for one detail

LOVE the sound. I'm no fanatic but I know what sounds good to me. I've lost most of my hearing so a IEM that drives easily from my LG V60 is important. My only frustration is that the 3.5mm plug is not that small and doesn't quite fit the headphone jack on my V60 dual screen. Other than that I love it for the price and the sound

Value for money !

This and Zex, both are good value for money iems.

An excellent choice.

Great sound!

Felt obligated to leave a review

This set is incredible for the price, don't hesitate to buy these! I bought them to have a backup pair of IEM's, but they might be my daily drivers for awhile.

Smooth and detailed.

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