DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter Converter
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter Converter
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter Converter
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter 3.5mm
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter 2.5mm 4.4mm
DD DJ44B / DJ44C Earphone Cable Balanced Audio Adapter


4.4mm BAL Female to 3.5mm TRS / 2.5 TRRRS Balanced Audio Adapter

    Apply to 4.4mm TRRRS balance earphone cable
    Full CNC integrated molding Stainless steel housing
    6N-OCC Internal Connection Wire
    Extremely Small and Light
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Brand New DJ44B/DJ44C -More Compact & Smoother Plug/Unplug

Higher standard of gold plating were applied tothe metal contact points on the customized 4.4 sockets, and in order to better check the plug-in contact of each socket, we specially make the socket shell transparent.

Go Further for Lossless Transmission- A gold-plated copper socket shielding ring was addedto the brand-new DJ44B/ DJ44C, which can block theinterference signal at the socket gaps.For the internal connection wire, we use a mixed conductorof 6N OCC and 6N silver-plated OCC, so as to ensureefficient transmission of signals in this small space.


DD DJ44B/DJ44C could be used for 4.4mm TRRRS balanced cable, for example the cables from brands like Sony, etc.

Stainless steel housing

Full CNC integrated molding to create the main body of integrity

6N-OCC Internal Connection Wire

Each channel is connected by 12 individually insulated single crystal copper wires

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DDHIFI DJ44B / DJ44C
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

DJ44B: 4.4 BAL. female to 2.5mm BAL. male adapter
DJ44C: 4.4mm BAL. female to 3.5mm male adapter
DJ44B/DJ44C - about 10g;
Dimensions (LxWxT)*:
DJ44B/DJ44C- about 10mm x 24mmx 19mm
*The dimensions exclude the plugs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cyprian Orzechowski


Jason Leaver


Daniel Östlund
No complaints

Connections feel sturdy and works as intended.

Find a better one.

This worked for a bit, but it just fell apart after less than 5 hours of usage. It wasn't in a damaging situation or anything but the jack was just really weak or something and bends extremely easily.

The L shaped form factor is also limiting if your other ports are next to your 2.5mm and there isn't a straight option, so consider this when purchasing.

I'd recommend getting something different for this need, though.

Sanjay V.
Unprofessional and rude customer service

My order did not come in even after 3 months. Linsoul guys have asked me to provide them a certificate from my local post office that they did not receive any product. But Linsoul is not providing me a proof of them sending me the order or a proof that is is being delivered and hence cannot refund. How ridiculous ? Why should my local post office people take the burden of providing any proof ? This is just a planned robbery from Linsoul. I urge people from India to stay away from this site. I found them extremely unprofessional and rude during my exchanges with them via email. I will never buy any chinese products in future. A expensive learning came at a cost. Linsoul ?? maybe it implies Nilsoul



Steve Fultz
Does the job.

I use the DD HI FI with my Qudelix 5K and my ES100 mk2 and it works good with no problems. I’ve been purchasing 4.4 cables, because my ifi Hipdac uses them. Without this adapter I would have to change cables.DD HI FI has good stuff . Highly recommended.

Terence UY

sturdy and ergonomic, fits my player perfectly. Could not ask for a better adapter.

Backfire Fox
Great 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter with no grounding issues at all.

Great 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter with no grounding issues at all.

An amazingly well built, machined, adapter that has no grounding issues at all going from a balanced 4.4mm to a unbalanced 3.5mm. I normally use it for testing on non balanced amps and for my Quest 2. Worth every penny and highly recommended.

It's funky, but fills a niche.

his was obtained with much help from Linsoul, for the purpose of a review. This was NOT FREE... I paid for this.

I got the 4.4mm socket to 2.5mm jack adapter for two SINGULAR PURPOSES. Yes... the emphasis WAS required.. hah.
These are currently for mucking about with my E1DA Power DAC v2 & Radsone ES100 BT damp (dac amp combo) with my various balanced amps.
Thanks to this little guy I am able to not have to rely on the app or system volume to control the volume of the PDV2 but instead I am not using it like a balanced dac. Albeit with less output than would be optimal.
The same can be said for the use of something like the Radsone ES100, or really any other bluetooth damp. If you like the way the dac section sounds but want to either muck about on another amp or just want to feed a more power balanced amp a balanced signal, well this is the way to do it.

It's a chonky little guy, but it's built incredibly, astonishingly well! I feel like I could toss this into the road under a big-rig and pick it up and start immediately using it... assuming I wasn't unlucky enough to have it land jack side up.. or down.. for that matter.
I digress, this is the purpose I use it for. But if you wanted to connect a 4.4mm terminal from a cable to a portable source or a desktop amp whose only balanced out was oddly 2.5mm, well then yer in luck.
This does the job perfectly.
These folks at dd Hifi are cooky, but man they make great stuff so far.

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