E1DA Cosmos ADC

A High-performance Analog-to-Digital Converter

    Premium ES9822 Pro ADC chip
    Rich sandblasted finish with Black Anodized Aluminum
    Premium Audio Components including OPA1612 OPAMPs, Susumu & Viking Resistors, Murata & Samsung COG Capacitors, Taiwanese connectors, and switches.
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What’s An ADC

ADC stands for Analog To Digital Converter. Since computers only process digital information, they require digital input. An ADC, such as the Cosmos ADC here converts an analog input into a digital signal to process on the computer system. It is widely used by professional reviewers and audio enthusiasts to measure their audio gears.

High-Performance ES9822Pro ADC Chip

The brand new E1DA Cosmos ADC adopts a high-performance ES9822Pro ADC chip from Sabre Technologies. It serves as a high-grade signal converter chip to provide precise measurements with low distortion in the signal.

Premium Audio Components

What good is a HiFi audio gear without high-quality components especially when it comes to DAC or an ADC? The Cosmos ADC features high-quality audiophile-grade components on its audio motherboard that consists of premium OPA1612 OPAMPs, Susumu and Viking Resistors, Samsung COG Capacitors, Taiwanese switches, and more.

Superb Build Quality

E1DA is widely known for its well-built audio gears. The Cosmos ADC is no different here, it features a premium look with Black anodized aluminum chassis with a smooth sandblasted finish. Simply Exquisite.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA Cosmos ADC
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Comtrue CT7601CR Custom FW USB Bridge, XLR L/R(FDA) up to 10Vrms
USB Type-C, PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz
Power Input
USB Type-C, <250mA Current
Input Range
1.7Vrms 640Ω,
2.7Vrms 1kΩ,
3.5Vrms 1.3kΩ,
4.5Vrms 1.66kΩ,
6.7Vrms 2.46kΩ,
7.6Vrms 2.82kΩ,
8.5Vrms 3.12kΩ,
10Vrms 3.48kΩ,
43Vrms 13.6kΩ
Note: Unbalanced impedance about 30% less.
Frequency Response Range
5Hz-180kHz @ 32Bit/384kHz
SNR= DR@Mono

128-129db(A) grade-A, 127+/-1db(A) grade-B,
<126db(A) grade-C
0.00007% @ 1kHz, @-5dBFS, SR 48kHz, BW 20Hz-20kHz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
digitize lp-records

i digitize my lp-records with this analogue-digital converter and the sound is great and worth every penny!

Jeffrey Pohl

Actually I am getting it as a present for Christmas, so I have not used it yet.

Pedja Rogic
Great measurement tool

It needs a buffer to bring its best performance in a typical line-level application, but it is already usable as is, and an incredible audio measurement tool for the price.

Richard Lane
Only “Very Good" for Mac

This product works best with Windows. I use on Mac OS and don’t have access to all the control features. I’m also surprised to find that the XLR inputs invert phase.

Räuber Hopfenplotz
Great ADC

I bought the E1DA Cosmos ADC as part of my audio measurement equipment because it shows very good performance figures and is designed for this application. Of course, the ADC is also useful for any other ADC application requiring high performance.

So far, it seems to deliver exactly what it promises.

Some suggestions for improvement:
The high level input is extremely useful and one of the reasons I bought this device, but the 2.5mm TRRS interface is difficult to deal with in my opinion. I would prefer to have high level input on the XLR connectors instead.

In order to change any settings, you need to install the tweak software on your PC. I would prefer buttons on the ADC itself for quickly and conveniently changing settings (like mono / stereo mode e.g.).

I understand that variable and pretty low input impedance is a trade-off and required to reach high performance. Just keep in mind that this a challenge in some (rare) applications. I designed a buffer to deal with this. A symmetrical power supply output for powering such buffers would be nice.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the E1DA Cosmos ADC and would recommend the product.

And I'm also pleased with how Linsoul handled the transaction and would buy here again.

Matthew Shore
Works perfectly for what I need - streaming audio from a record player into Roon via the Entrypoi...

Perfect - just works. I use it to send balanced audio into a raspberry pi USB so it can stream my turntable through Roon using the Entrypoints plugin.

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