E1DA Cosmos Scaler

High Performance Low-noise Low-distortions Variable Gain Pre-amp

  • Introducing the E1DA Cosmos Scaler
  • Build Quality
  • Input Capabilities
  • Output Proficiency
  • Frequency Response
  • Residual Noise
  • Distortions
  • Crosstalk
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Introducing the E1DA Cosmos Scaler

Crafted for the audiophiles and professionals, the E1DA Cosmos Scaler is an exceptional high-performance, low-noise, and low-distortion variable gain pre-amp designed explicitly for the Cosmos ADC.

Build Quality

Made with sandblasted, black anodized aluminum featuring precise laser markings. Internally, it's composed of a composite of OPA1612+OPA1656, Viking resistors, Murata and Samsung C0G capacitors, and quality connectors/relays sourced from Taiwan.

Input Capabilities

2 channels balanced with impedance of 200/100kOhm (bal/unbal). Accepts a 3.5mm jack with up to 20/10Vrms (bal/unbal). Unique MONO mode: When only the left input is utilized, the signal automatically routes to the right channel as well. Moreover, the Cosmos APU's short cables are seamlessly compatible with the Scaler.

Output Proficiency

2 channels balanced with impedance of 20/10hm (bal/unbal). 3.5mm jack support with up to 20/10Vrms (bal/unbal). The Cosmos APU's short cables are equally fit for Scaler's output. Variable Gain Table: This device comes with 16 positions that can be adjusted using its knob. Ranges from 0db to 26.078db. Notably, in the "Auto" position, the Scaler acts as an ultra-fast autoranger (100mS) with the left channel targeting 4.5Vrms. Only the 20Hz-20kHz range is valid for the autoranger.

Frequency Response

The Scaler exhibits a remarkable frequency response of .2Hz-570kHz @ 26db gain +.5/-3db. It can stretch up to .2Hz-7.11MHz @ 0db gain, although this heavily depends on the cable's capacitance. It's stable up to 7m of mic cable.

Residual Noise

A minimal noise footprint of 250nVrms(A) @ 26db gain.


Precise measurements are challenging due to the immense loop gain OPA1612+OPA1656 composite. However, estimates suggest it's about 100 times lesser than the Cosmos ADC or H3, sitting at around -175db@1kHz at 0db gain.


Demonstrates exceptional crosstalk performance with L->R at -133db and R->L at -158db@1kHz when unused input is shorted at 0db gain.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA Cosmos Scaler
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA Cosmos Scaler Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Device Purpose
Ultra-low THD+N variable gain buffer tailored for Cosmos ADC.
Dimensions & Weight
PCBA: 90x50x29mm, weighing 40g. Overall: 104x61x39mm, weighing 160g
Through a USB-C +5V rail with a current consumption of less than 500mA.

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