FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5
FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5
FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5
FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5
FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5
FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5
FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5

Fiio FD5

Beryllium-coated DLC diaphragm flagship dynamic In-Ear Monitor

    Uniquely timeless industrial design combined into a 3D embossed stainless steel plate
    Magnets with a high magnetic flux 1.5 Tesla for extremely robust bass
    A specifically designed acoustic prism system
    Paired with a 8 strands of mono crystalline silver- plated copper cable
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Timeless design

The new FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5 has a uniquely timeless industrial design which evoking majestic mountains and waterfalls, some carefully designed curves are combined into a 3D embossed stainless steel plate, with very stylish and distinctive plate texture.

12mm flagship dynamic driver

12mm large flagship beryllium-plated DLC diaphragm driver unit, N52 magnets with a high magnetic flux 1.5 Tesla for extremely robust bass and excellent high frequency resolution.

High-end audio inspired acoustic prism design

A specifically designed acoustic prism system to achieve precise control of sound waves, improve the high frequency diffusion, adjust ultra-high frequency phase, eliminate high frequency standing waves, and enhance overall sound wave diffusion.

Semi-open back cavity

The “volcanic field” structure was added to the rare cavity to enhance the diffusion of low-frequency waves throughout the FD5, reduce standing waves and distortion, so that the sound is more clean and accurate. The semi-open design can also quickly relieve air pressure - leading to a more comfortable and longlasting listening session. Replaceable nozzles, interchangeable 2.5/3.5/4.4mm plugs designs and other features.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Fiio FD5
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Driver Config
12mm Beryllium-coated diamond-like carbon (DLC) dynamic driver.
Frequency response
10 - 40000 Hz
32 Ohm
In-Ear/ Metal
8 strands of mono crystalline silver- plated copper cable
Cable length
Plug Terminations
4.4 mm TRRS Balanced, 3.5 mm TRS Single-Ended, 2.5 mm TRRS Balanced

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eric Hieger
Amazing product, one of the best on the market

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If you are considering these, don't hesitate, they are worth it!

Truong Nguyen
Wonderful !

Quality sound and so beautiful.
Nice carrying case.
Great value for the price.
Fits my ears.
Good customer service.

Steve ZII
Fiio FD5

Great balanced sound for a single DD.
Well worth the investment.

Open Sound + Bass + Soundstage

Great IEM, as mentioned in the title, the 3 major standout features of this iem are the open sound with great bass and soundstage. Treble can get just a bit bright depending on the source but definitely not unbearable.


I own FiiO FH7. FD5 is a lot better than the FH7. Fit is decent, FH7 still has the best fit. The look is similar to the Sony IER-Z1R but much better fit and smaller.
Easily noticeable large sound stage (it does not matter if it is caused by the tuning, it just sounds "large").
Strong bass with clear attacks. Treble not as good as some more expensive sets such as ThieAduio Monarch. Sibilance is fine to my ears (Z1R is too sharp IMO).
In general, I prefer this set over MoonDrop Blessing 2 (I don't have the Dusk version).

Niclas Johansson

whoa, I have some Fiio sets since before FH7 and FA9 but this is by far the most cohesive, lovely sounding IEM in my opinion that Fiio put out and I have to say at a bargain price considering what you get, I feel like the cable alone is worth it. The only downside is that I should have bought the TA monarch first apparently since it's no longer available other than that no regrets!

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