FiiO R7

Desktop high-resolution transmitter, decoder and headphone amplifier all-in-one unit

  • FiiO HiFi Desktop Experience 1.0
  • A Multitude of Low Drop-Out Regulators
  • Seamless Music Enjoyment, Multiple Modes, and High-Resolution Audio
  • Cutting-Edge: Elevating Your Experience
  • R7+Speakers+Headphones+Hub+Portable Drive+KB1 Keypad
  • DCIAC Dual Power Supply Design
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FiiO HiFi Desktop Experience 1.0

The FiiO HiFi Desktop Experience Version 1.0 is now available. Anchored by the R7 as its centerpiece and fortified by the SP3 speakers and FT3 headphones, this ensemble promises a seamless blend of immersive audio and captivating visuals. The R7 seamlessly integrates transmitter, decoder, amplifier, preamp, and media playback functions within a singular unit. Beyond its myriad connections, expansion possibilities, and diverse operational modes, it also boasts the capability to stream media on a splendid portrait screen, delivering an unparalleled user journey. The R7 offers an appealing design, a user-friendly interface, and impressive audio quality, culminating in an enticing, easy-to-operate, and superbly resonant desktop HiFi adventure.

A Multitude of Low Drop-Out Regulators

The power supply design of the R7 is a testament to its commitment to excellence. This design incorporates a multitude of Low Drop-Out Regulators (LDOs), each playing a crucial role in enhancing power stabilization and efficient filtering. What sets this system apart is the integration of ultra-low-noise LDOs across every stage of the audio circuit. These specialized regulators meticulously regulate voltage, mitigating any potential disturbances or noise that could affect audio quality.By meticulously maintaining stable voltage levels through these ultra-low-noise LDOs, the R7 achieves an unbroken stream of clean power. This ensures that the audio components within the R7 are consistently provided with the ideal conditions for producing high-fidelity sound. This level of attention to power regulation and noise reduction translates into a listening experience that is free from disruptions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the purest rendition of your favorite music.

Seamless Music Enjoyment, Multiple Modes, and High-Resolution Audio

The R7 sets itself apart through its user-friendly design, offering an impressive array of listening options. When enjoying music from streaming apps, effortlessly switch between headphones, speakers, or any preferred output mode. Seamlessly indulge in locally stored tracks on the R7—courtesy of its integrated storage and micro-SD card compatibility—or receive high-resolution Bluetooth audio from your phone, accommodating various Bluetooth audio formats. The R7 provides you with the freedom to listen exactly how you desire. Supporting micro-SD cards of up to 2TB, the R7 includes a micro-SD card holder for added convenience. Additionally, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the R7 supports SBC/AAC/LDAC reception and facilitates SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/LHDC transmission.

Cutting-Edge: Elevating Your Experience

To enhance your listening possibilities, leverage the USB HOST interface to its fullest potential by connecting external portable drives, the Fio kB1 keypad, and other devices. This paves the way for an exceedingly convenient desktop HiFi experience tailored precisely to your preferences.

R7+Speakers+Headphones+Hub+Portable Drive+KB1 Keypad

Utilize the expansive storage capacity of the portable drive to curate an extensive collection of cherished lossless music tracks. Seamlessly navigate through your curated collection with the KB1 keypad, transitioning between tracks that resonate with you and adjusting volume levels to create an auditory landscape aligned with your preferences. The KB1 keypad also allows you to switch output modes with ease, ensuring sound tailored to your surroundings.

DCIAC Dual Power Supply Design

Incorporating a DCIAC dual power supply architecture, the R7 boasts a 30W switching power supply within. The AC input circuit incorporates substantial filtering and purification, integrating a high-capacity choke and dedicated high-voltage capacitors. Meanwhile, the DC input circuit adheres to a meticulously designed t12 high-voltage power supply configuration. The synergy of these dual power circuits fortifies the power supply system's resilience, contributing to the vibrant dynamism of your music playback. Additionally, the R7 harmonizes seamlessly with external DC power sources, such as the FioPL50 linear power supply, or other compatible power units, which provide an even more pristine and noise-free backdrop, accentuating the finer nuances of your musical experience. Please note that only 12V-3A external DC power supplies are supported.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x FiiO R7
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

2.4GHz/5GHz, DLNA, AirPlay, WiFi music transmission,Roon Ready etc.
Bluetooth receiving (5.0)
Power supply
DC 12V/3A OR AC 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
6.35mm headphone output; 4.4mm balanced headphone output; Four-pin XLR balanced headphone output
Output power 1
3000mW (32Ω/balanced/enhanced over-ear headphone mode)
Output power 2
630mW (300Ω/balanced/enhanced over-ear headphone mode)
Frequency response
20Hz~90kHz (-3dB)
Output impedance
<1Ω (32Ω load)

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